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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Crime > Revenge > Gangster > Cable TV > Banshee – Season One (2013/Cinemax/HBO Blu-ray Set)

Banshee – Season One (2013/Cinemax/HBO Blu-ray Set)


Picture: A+     Sound: B     Extras: A     Episodes: B+



After spending 15 years in prison, an ex-con takes, becomes and replaces another person, Lucas Hood (Antony Starr), the new incoming sheriff of the small town of Banshee.  As he searches for his former lover and partner, he finds she is also living under a new identity, married to the local DA and has kids (and one of them might be his).  As 'Lucas' tries to win her back he must deal with the town's vicious crime lord, Kai Proctor, but their trouble is only beginning when his old Russian crime boss from NY comes looking for them to settle their debts in the debut season of the new Cinemax drama Banshee.


On his first night out of prison taking on the identity of a sheriff of small town in order to be with his former lover who was mob boss's daughter, whom he eloped with, they stole from her from him 15 years earlier, but after that long time waiting for her, he finds she trying to start over her life.  As he tries to win her back by reminding who she and he was, he plays the role of the good guy as well as said sheriff with the help of an ex-boxer-turned-barkeeper and even a transgender super hacker they fight the various underlings of the Kai Proctor and criminals.  Things get even hairier when the FBI and New York mob bosses comes to town looking for them, so how long can the keep their secrets hidden?


Based in a fictional town in Pennsylvania, Banshee is a town where no one is an angel, and everyone has some secret, even a reserved Amish girl turns into a hot hooker at night.  It is a complicated story of anti-heroes and sometimes in order to bring justice you have to do something a little more criminal.  Oddly enough, the main character isn't that much different from the town crime boss, both of them does whatever it takes to bring protect the things they care about, under different circumstances they might of even been friends.  We’ll see where this series goes.


The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image is terrific on al the episodes, while the DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 lossless mix on all the shows are very rich, warm and well recorded, even when they are on the quiet side, sound fine.  Extra include commentaries on episodes, origins, deleted scenes, trailers and Digital Copy for PC, PC portable and iTunes oriented devices.




Pilot - The new sheriff 'Lucas Hood' comes into town, he learns more about the town and it's people and brings a new type of law into town, his own.


The Rave - Sheriff Hood find an illegal teenage rave with drugs and his daughter is involved.  Things turn deadly when the drugs start overdosing the kids. 


The New Boss - Kai Proctor invites celebrity boxer to Banshee, but when he rapes and beats a girl. Hood must bring him in regardless of his popular status.


Half Deaf is Better than all Dead - Hood arrests Kai for murder, but then a group of red necks catches both Kai and him and wants revenge on them both for the death of their brother.


The Kindred - A group of Hells Angels terrorized the town festival.


Wicks - A former inmate from Hood's past comes into town and threatens to blow everything. 


Behold a Pale Rider - A robbery soon turns into a hostage situation in a high school.


We Shall Live Forever - The NY mob boss finally finds where Hood has been hiding and sends one of his men into town. 


Always the Cowboy -  The mob comes to town and kidnaps a boy, Hood chooses to finish the fight he started 15 years ago.


A Mixture of Madness - Hood trades his life for the boy, but now his friends want to rescue him.



-   Ricky Chiang


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