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Category:    Home > Reviews > Mystery > British TV > Telefilms > MidSomer Murders Set 22 (2012/Acorn Blu-ray)

MidSomer Murders Set 22 (2012/Acorn Blu-ray)


Picture: A- Sound: B- Extras: C+ Episodes: B+



The never-ending cases in MidSomer County continue where murder is a daily diet and corpses mysteriously appear as common as the rising sun. As DCI John Barnaby and his partner DSI Ben Jones always find themselves with another unexplained dead body, and their most obvious culprit is never what it seems... join them as the find the clues and secrets to uncover the truth and who is the real murderer.   


Though Tom Barnaby has retired he has been replaced by his cousin John Barnaby (to Jones disappointment who wanted to become the next Chief), this Set 22 collection moves on as if murder is as common as tea and gardening in the town and should never faze anyone. Together with DSI Jones, they are the unstoppable duo of British homicide investigation. Jones does all the leg work, and John does the thinking. As they discover the next clue or dead body they find they narrow down their list of suspects, and prove how did they do it. The must ferret out the lies between the truths, and bring to light secrets that want to stay hidden.


Along with a new main character, MidSomer Murders has changed it's plot in that there is no one single murder or murderer, nor are the suspects completely innocent. All the suspects are guilty of something to some degree and hiding something they don't want the public to know, it only a question of who truly committed murder, who had the motive and the means. This tactic usually confuses the audience to mislead them to prevent them from discovering the real murderer too early. The HD (and HD shot) picture look as good as the show has in recent years and lossless Stereo sound has some Pro Logic surrounds and is well recorded. Extras include bonus conversations and trailers.



The Sleeper Under the Hill - A man is found murdered in a druid circle and the local druids are blamed. But there is a secret treasure hidden there, who would kill for it? 


The Night of the Stag - The beer festival was going so well until they found a dead man in their vats, the murder is tied into the secret between traditions of the villages.


A Sacred Trust - A nun is found murdered, and the local private school misfits blamed, but did they really do it?


A Rare Bird - The wealth, egotistic President of a bird club is found murdered, nobody seems too upset about it, could one of his club members be the murderer?



- Ricky Chiang


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