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NCIS 10th Season (2012 2013/CBS DVD Set)


Picture: B- Sound: B- Extras: A Episodes: B+



Picking up at the explosive cliffhanger of Season 9 with the terrorist bombing NCIS HQ, with the recovery and rebuilding their home NCIS falls under more dangers both internal and external. While still traumatized at how vulnerable they are, they are haunted by their past and hounded by Homeland Security and is questioning NCIS methods and effectiveness. Now called once again to defend any Naval criminal related cases, military cover ups, stop international incidents and prevent international wars, but can they save themselves this time when the enemy their own government?


This Tenth Season of NCIS takes on a whole new level of excitement and dangers. As they recover from their recent trauma they continue to solve murders and mysteries related to the Navy. The NCIS team is made up of a group of specialized law enforcement officers and forensic scientists, each of them connected or related to some high ranking or high profile personal, and more often causing them to clash with other intelligent services. They use unusual methods and often not too legal ways when normal channels have failed, but this time Gibbs (Mark Harmon) comes under fire when internal service is looking to scapegoat NCIS, the team must pool together all their resources and connections to save their beloved leader and their home.


NCIS is a great criminal detective Navy murder mystery series, between various cases, there seems like always some mystery or murder in the military, but the over all plot seems to also function as a counter intelligent service. The central character is Gibbs is cool and level headed, heart and soul, leader and father figure as he leads his various eccentric teammates to help gather clues. While the forensic science the series isn't wrong, the speed in which they complete their task is ridiculous, (same day results is unheard of) usually it takes days if not weeks and months to get results.


The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image and lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes on all the episodes look as good as they are going to in this format. Extras include a ton of character facts, series history, behind the scenes, audio commentaries, and deleted scenes.  




Extreme Prejudice - NCIS recovers and mobilize to find the terrorist Dearing who bombed their headquarters.


Recovery - NCIS investigates an internal murder while recovers from post traumatic stress. 


Phoenix - Ducky discovers a 12 year old cold case related to recently murdered Navy Commander.


Lost at Sea - NCIS must discover what happened to a missing pilot murdered at sea.


The Namesake - Gibbs faces the man he was named after while in a murder case.


Shell Shock (Part I) - Gibbs must help a Captain recover his sanity after post traumatic stress leaves a dead body.


Shell Shock (Part II) - Turns out the Captain's post traumatic stress wasn't a fantasy, as he uncovered a terrorist plot.


Gone - A Navy captain sacrifices himself to save his daughter, NCIS must find his killers and save an abducted girl.


Devil's Trifecta - Gibbs find himself in a case between a murder, his rival and his ex-wife.


You Better Watch Out - As NCIS deals with a murder, Tony must deal with his father.


Shabbat Shalom - Ziva's father sneaks into America on a secret mission... and a dead body.


Shiva - After the murder of Ziva's father and Vance's wife, the NCIS must stop it from becoming an international incident. 


Hit and Run - NCIS must solve a Romeo and Juliet murder between two Navy families.


Canary - The NCIS computers become compromised when they go after cyber terrorist and must do things old school.


Hereafter - Vance discovers things about his wife he never knew.


Detour - Jimmy and Ducky are kidnapped by a deep cover mole and his operatives.


Prime Suspect - Gibbs pulls a favor for his barber when he suspects his son is a killer.


Seek - A K-9 specialist is murdered in a cover-up.


Squall - A Navy doctor is found murdered and McGee's father is involved.


Chasing Ghost - A Navy reservist's husband goes missing.


Berlin - Ziva and Tony go to Berlin to catch her father's killer.


Revenge - NCIS goes after man responsible for death of Ziva's father, even though Homeland Security has told them to back off. 


Double Blind - The Department of Defense investigates NCIS for stealing their glory.


Damned If You Do - Gibbs is being scapegoated, but NCIS must decide if they should fight back.



- Ricky Chiang


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