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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Murder > Crime > Military > Terrorism > Police Procedural > TV > NCIS: Los Angeles – The Fourth Season (2012 – 2013/CBS DVD Set)

NCIS: Los Angeles – The Fourth Season (2012 – 2013/CBS DVD Set)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: A     Episodes: C+



It has been a while since we’ve seen NCIS: Los Angeles, but we pick up on The Fourth Season with more of the same crime action going on as it did in the first two seasons as reviewed at these links:









Picking up from The Third Season (unreviewed), Cullen is accused of murdering a suspect in cold blood, but that is the least of their problems, as murderers, terrorists and extremists fill the streets of LA with drugs and guns, Cullen and his team must face the various ghosts from Hetty and Granger's past.  They will have to go undercover and lives are on the line when they discover sleeper cells with nuclear weapons in the United States and “failure is not an option”. 


We get more action, explosions and gun fights with NCIS: Los Angeles with its own West Coast style, but doesn't stop them from going international.  To recap, the team is made up of a group of agents directed and given assignments by former intelligence agent Hetty, whose past is shrouded in mystery with the equally mysterious Assistant Director Granger.  The team seems to works in pairs, Cullen and Sam as field team leaders, Kensi and Deeks acts as inspectors, undercover agents, or point man (or woman) for the team, and Eric and Nell as their nerdy tech and computer specialist.


NCIS: Los Angeles is a poor man’s version of NCIS, a hot spin off of the very long-running original series.  It does a West Coast version of NCIS with a younger crew geared to more action than solving a murder mystery and the characters are a bunch of agents made from various agencies rather than of military background, and their cases are rarely or very loosely related to the Navy.  The plots tend to be following, interrogating and just shooting the bad guys, while the characters have a tendency for insubordination and breaking the rules, but they are always in the right and above the rules because of the patriot act and national/homeland security.


The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image is just too overstylized and maybe more than the series began on, while the lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes on each show need lossless badly and are too much in the front channels.  The combination is weaker than expected, especially considering how much better the earlier episodes played on Blu-ray.  Extras include sound off of team NCIS, interview with Chris O'Donnell, assembly of NSIC headquarters, and reflections and commentary from cast and crew.  Wish we were having as much fun as they apparently are. 




Endgame - As Cullen faces the charge of murder, Hetty resigns in order to solve the case.


Recruit - After a drone strike with a body of a dead Marine, NCIS investigates a possible leak in the U.S. military. 


The Fifth Man - Four men from an online video game has been murdered, but they are related to a military program.


Dead Body Politics - NCIS must protect U.S. Senate candidate. 


Out of the Past - Sam investigates after an ex-CIA friend is found murdered. 


Rude Awakenings - NCIS discovers Russian sleeper cells with nuclear weapons hidden in America for decades. 


Skin Deep - NCIS must recover a stolen top secret military robotics technology.


Collateral - A CIA agent from Hetty's past is found murdered.


The Gold Standard - NSIC must recover $70 million in gold when it is stolen from a Federal Reserve truck.  


Free Ride - The team investigates a NCIS agent murder on a battleship at sea. 


Drive - A woman from Deeks’ past uncovers an international car smuggling ring and now she is missing. 


Paper Soldiers - NCIS investigates after a private investigator is found murdered investigating a military body. 


The Chosen One - NCIS must stop an extremists group from a terrorist bombing.


Kill House - When a group of Special Forces was ambushed on a mission, NCIS must discover their intelligence breach. 


History - NCIS finds a new radical group that resembles a group from the past. 


Lokhay - Sam breaks protocols to help a man who saved his life long ago. 


Wanted - The murder of a hitman signals the return of nuclear weapons dealer Sidorov.


Red - NCIS partners up with mobile NCIS HQ.


Red-2 - The team is split up to track a terrorist. 


Purity - The team must stop an extremist group from poisoning the entire city's water with cyanide. 


Resurrection - The team must convince a young guitarist to rat out the mob boss, a man who's been the closest thing to a father for him. 


Raven & the Swans - NCIS investigates a mysterious woman with ties to Hetty's past. 


Parley - While working undercover Deeks gets involved with a young woman who stole a fortune in diamonds. 


Descent - The hunt for the lost nuclear weapons continues, as Deeks pays the ultimate price for being an undercover agent.



-   Ricky Chiang


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