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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Animation > Anime > Japan > From Up On Poppy Hill (2011/Studio Ghibli/Cinedigm Blu-ray w/DVD)

From Up On Poppy Hill (2011/Studio Ghibli/Cinedigm Blu-ray w/DVD)

Picture: A & B- Sound: B & B- Extras: A Film: A-

It is 1963 and Japan is just on recovering from the war, a young girl Umi living at a boarding house continues to raise flags daily praying for safe voyages for ships, even thought her father a seaman has already died at sea. At school, she meets Shun, a young school journalist and together they work together to save and restore the school aged clubhouse, the Latin Quarter, from the school's plan to demolish it. As they work together with the student body their romance grows, but a secret from the past may uncover they maybe more closely related than either of them know, which may also tear them apart in Goro Miyazak's From Up On Poppy Hill (2011).

Set in the post war of Japan, when the many orphaned children of the war were moving on to the future, was it better for the students to demolish their cherished place of gathering in order to pave the way for a new future building? The students tries to save their dilapidated club house by cleaning and restore the house to it's former glory. Umi, a young girl is impressed by Shun's spirit of rallying and leading the students and decides to help him and they both end up falling in love with each other, but after discovering both of them have two matching identical photos of 3 men, that they maybe possible siblings. Even after discovering their past they confess their love to each other and continue to be close friends, they successfully convince the school's chairman to overturn the principal decision, and save the club house. Then at last minute, they receive at a notice from the man in their pictures, the last surviving man knows the truth of their birth and what happens next you'll have to see the film for yourself to find out.

Studio Ghibli brings you another masterpiece, scripted by Hayao Miyazaki and directed by Goro Miyazaki, it is a tale of challenge, change and romance. It seems to symbolize the of Japan's post war youth were being encouraged to step into politics and action, to either fight change or to support it. While the main story was about students overcoming the school board decision, the story also focused on the budding romance and secret past of a young couple.

The 1080p 1.85 X 1 digital High Definition image transfer is terrific with fine detail, great color range and amazing performance throughout and was created in the digital realm. This ranks as one of the best-looking and smoothest Anime releases we have seen to date. The anamorphically enhanced DVD version is fine for standard definition, but no match for the Blu-ray in the least. The DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.0 lossless mix on the Blu-ray is fine, though no match for the picture, but fine for the configuration and sometimes quiet nature of the soundtrack The lossy Dolby Digital 5.0 on the DVD is passable, but not as warm or thorough as the DTS lossless mix.

Extras included DVD, original Japanese version, feature length storyboards, celebrity cast recording, interview with director, music video, booklet and trailers.

- Ricky Chiang


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