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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > The Hangover - Part III (2013/Warner Bros. Blu-ray w/DVD + Digital Copy)

The Hangover - Part III (2013/Warner Bros. Blu-ray w/DVD + Digital Copy)

Picture: B+/B Sound: B+/B Extras: C Film: C

As far as film sequels go, most can agree that they don't usually go so well. The Hangover sequels are no exception. With the Hangover: Part II being a horrible rehashing of the first film (which was extraordinarily hilarious); there wasn't much hope for the third installment. With the creators and actors dead set on making the film series into a trilogy, they said they learned from their mistakes of Part II and would move forward. To some extent they did and in others ways they didn't.

After a daring prison escape scene featuring Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong), the film starts with Allan's (Zach Galifianakis) father passing away after Allan causes some pricey havoc around town. His family is convinced that he needs help, as (now off his meds) he is more out of control than ever; with the beheading of a giraffe being the last straw. Allan agrees to go to New Horizons rehab and the Wolf Pack agrees to be his escort. Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and Doug (Justin Bartha) are all present for the supposedly short and simple road trip; but not before long chaos ensues. The Wolf Pack is rammed off the road and kidnapped.

In the middle of the desert the premise of the film is revealed by the big guy himself, John Goodman (playing drug dealing, murdering, hijacker Marshall). It seems that Leslie Chow had ripped off Marshall for about 20 Million Dollars in gold and he wants it back. The only connection to Chow was the Wolf Pack, more specifically Allan; with Allan (and his outlandish behavior) having been corresponding with Chow through letters. Marshall charges The Wolf Pack with the task of tracking down Chow and his gold; taking Doug (of course) as collateral. With Doug's life on the line, the crew sets out to find Chow; their first stop being Mexico. Allan uses his impressive (idiotic) skills to locate Chow; but not before long The Wolf Pack is double crossed and in more trouble than ever.

The film overall is better than Part II, but nowhere close to the hilarity of the first film. On the bright side, the film doesn't simply repeat jokes found in the first two films; but makes a much darker film that stands on its own. Sadly, standing on its own is not enough and the film isn't very good. The acting is there (cast is great), the money is there, and some clever moments that harken back to the first film are impressive; but overall none of that can save The Hangover: Part III.

The technical features of this film are solid. The picture offers a 2.40 X 1 aspect ratio that is wonderfully done from beginning to end with bright colors, solid contrast, a sharp image, and dark framing blacks in the 1080p Blu-ray HD version. My main gripe would be that the colors are somewhat oversaturated (purposely done) as the film's creators wanted to embrace the oranges, reds, and yellows of the bright Mexican/Vegas sun; but somewhat overdone in the end. The DVD has weaker colors and definition. The sound is well done in a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio lossless mix that embraces the full speaker range as this is most definitely an action comedy. The directionality, ambient noises, and prioritization are all there to make it a pleasant (though not perfect) experience.

The DVD included in the set is merely a downgraded version of the better Blu-ray.

Extras include:

  • Digital Copy of film

  • Replacing Zach: The Secret Auditions

    • Various actors are brought in to read for Zach's role in the film as most agree he is the main issue with the other films. Good concept, but never very funny execution.

  • The Wolf Pack's Wildest Stunts

  • Pushing the Limits

    • A featurette focusing on the use of children and animals in the film

  • Zach Galifainakis in his Own Words

    • A very short interview with Zach discussing his role

  • Inside Focus: The Real Chow

    • Another pseudo-featurette that alludes to the fact that Ken Jeong is actually Chow

  • Action Mash Ups

  • Outtakes

  • Extended Scenes

If you enjoyed the other two films don't miss out on the third (and final?) installment. Just don't be expecting an Oscar winner; or even Between Two Ferns for that matter.

- Michael P. Dougherty II


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