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Aberration (2013/Image DVD)

Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Film: C

Douglas Elford-Argent's Aberration (2013), which is being released by Image Entertainment on DVD, is trying to bill itself as a supernatural thriller, when in reality feels like an outright thriller that combines Scream with The Sixth Sense (and even a little Columbine thrown in; we've seen too much of this before), which for some might be a very watchable film, but not myself. The story focuses on Christy Dawson (Gwendolyn Garver, who is also the screenwriter) An everyday typical high school girl who is caught between two worlds, that of being a normal teenager and the scary visions she has that were passed down from her deceased father, without trying to sound redundant "She Sees Dead People"!!.

Christy is being visited by a ghost boy in her sleep that she also hallucinates seeing randomly when she's alone in between her daily life. The boy with his dead eyes (without Tom Savini's help) warns her that people around her are going to die. She slowly sees this unravel when her school friends start to mysteriously have freak accidents. She decides the only way of survival and her own guilt is to turn into Nancy Drew for figuring out who is the potential killer in her small community. Kyle (Kristian Capelik) a guy on the hockey team that all Christy's friends have turned against has a crush on her (almost to being stalkerish) ends up helping her get to the truth!

The story is decent in a guilty pleasure kinda way if you like this type of genre, but the acting and bad dialogue brings down the plot to the point that it's so cheesy, it's good. The violent scenes are actually LOL to watch and I’m someone who has issues with such scenes. This was originally titled Afterthought in 2006 and finally released this year under its new title, but it is a wreck either way and hard to tell if they intended this to be funny or not. There are no extras.

The anamorphically enhanced 2.35 X 1 picture quality also brings down the film with its generic HD shooting. If it had a higher budget the film would be more edge of your seat. The lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 sound quality being weak just adds to all the quirks of the film!

- Howard Saul


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