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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Robots > Animation > TV > Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters - Season Three (2013/Shout Factory Blu-ray)

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters - Season Three (2013/Shout Factory Blu-ray)

Picture: A- Sound: B+ Extras: C Episodes: A

After Megatron discovers and destroys the Autobot base, the Autobots are scattered to the winds. With no communication and Optimus Prime missing in action, Megatron builds an army of Predacons and has plans to transform Earth into the new Cybertron. Things look pretty bad for humans and Autobots, but can the Autobots reunite in time and come up with a plan to stop Megatron's takeover of Earth?

Its the final season of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters, the heroic Autobots fighting the evil Decepticons in one last epic battle for the Earth. As Optimus Prime is on the verge of death, he must transform himself to the next level to fight the new and powerful Predicon, but with the Prediking getting more powerful, Megatron decides to use the dangerous synthetic Energon to create cyber-matter to create another Omegalock to transform Earth into a next Cybertron. The Autobots must follow a risky plan to retake Megatron's floating warship, stop the Decepticons and have one last chance to save Cybertron.

This is the epic Season Three of the series and though shorter than the other seasons, it is the final battle. This series is the battle of good and evil symbolized with titan robots in epic combat, from the ashes of defeat, the Autobots protect the humans of Earth from Decepticons and their civil war. Fans will be especially pleased.

The picture and sound is on par with our coverage of this earlier season on Blu-ray:


This time, extras include audio commentary and the Transformer Prime Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. Now for the episodes:

Darkmount - The Autobots are scatter and being hunted down; Shockwave arrives on Earth.

Scattered - Shockwave unleashes his new secret weapon; the Autobots are joined by Ultra Magnus.

Prey - The Autobots are reunited and face a powerful new enemy, the Predacon.

Rebellion - The Autobot attacks Megatron's new fortress, and Optimus Prime returns.

Project Predacon - The Deceptacons gather relics to build their Predacon army.

Chain of Command - Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack, Bulkhead and Miko team up to fight Starscream and his lackeys.

Plus One - Agent Fowler and Jack's Mother get captured by Knockout.

Thirst - Starscream and Knockout create an energon sucking vampire with the remains of Silus.

Evolution - The Autobots take down Megatron's secret Predacon Lab and the Predacon evolves into robot form.

Minus One - The Autobots capture Shockwave and must save experimental engine from the Decepticons.

Persuasion - Ratchet gets captured by Megatron for his R&D to build a new Omegalock.

Synthesis - The Autobots discover Megatron plans and prepares for the final battle.

Deadlock - The Autobots board Megatron's ship to stop the Omegalock.

- Ricky Chiang


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