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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Robots > Monsters > Giant Monster Cycle > Science Fiction > Aliens > Pacific Rim 3D (Warner Bros. Blu-ray 3D w/Blu-ray 2D, DVD & Ultraviolet Copy)

Pacific Rim 3D (Warner Bros. Blu-ray 3D w/Blu-ray 2D, DVD & Ultraviolet Copy)

Picture: A-/A-/B Sound: A-/A-/B Extras: C+ Film: B-

One of the biggest flops (stateside) but most talked about films of Summer 2013 was a film that harkened back to the days of battling monsters (like that of Godzilla and Mothra); delivered in the form of Pacific Rim. The film cost a staggering amount to make, but seemed a sure thing with creator/director Guillermo Del Toro at the helm; and whereas it didn't strike as big of a cord with audiences or critics in the USA, worldwide the film grossed nearly 500 million giving it the fan base Del Toro was hoping for.

The film is without a doubt the epitome of what a big budget, smash, crash, blow em' up feature presentation should be; as we see monsters and robots duke it out as humanity looks on. The back story is summated in the opening dialogue as the audience is informed that in 2013 an inter-dimensional portal opened in the Pacific Ocean allowing a 200ft plus monster to bust through. This monster laid waste to several cities and took the military over 6 days to bring down. Monsters arising from the portal happened time and time again; finally causing governments of the world to band together to create humongous robots (piloted by mentally linked men) that would be able to protect the world. The pilots are introduced as brothers Raleigh and Yancy Becket (Charlie Hunnam and Diego Klattenhoff) who man one of the giant robots dubbed Jaeger. The monsters are known as Kaiju and whereas the Jaeger in the beginning were able to quickly takedown these monsters; the Kaiju are slowly adapting. The adapting to the power of the robots comes from and center as Yancy gets killed while linked with Raleigh during battle. The death of his brother (as he experienced it through the mental link) left a lasting impression on Raleigh (Hunnam), who goes into hiding. We are taken 5 years into the future, the attacks have not slowed down and the Jaeger are becoming less and less effective. The program is shutdown in favor of building a gigantic wall the block the portal. Idris Elba acts as the leader of the dying Jaeger program and believes there is still hope; convincing an emotionally damaged Raleigh to return for one last battle.

The film is certainly a action packed, summer popcorn flick; but concurrently Del Toro manages to engrain some level of quality into the film with back story and building relationships among characters. The film sucks you in with its explosive premise, then spends half the film nurturing relationships before getting back to the blow em’ up action that encompasses the second act. I in no way will say the film is an Oscar winner or even the best action flick of the summer; but I will say it was fun. Del Toro can make movies and though at time he stretches himself thing, his genius continues to shine through here with Pacific Rim.

The technical features of this 3D Blu-ray set are astonishingly well done. The picture quality is demo worthy with an overall well balanced presentation. The 3D is excellent and truly adds something to this film. Like 3D monster movies before it, Pacific Rim manages to put viewers in the heat of the action; but in 2013 3D has evolved here to deliver bright colors, a crisp image, inky blacks and solid textures. The standard Blu-ray is just as good and I think each version has its merits; neither being better than the other. I do find wearing the 3D glasses annoying still; so for that reason the standard Blu-ray may have a leg up. The sound is EXPLOSIVE as it offers both a lossless 5.1 DTS and 7.1 DTS HD Master Audio Track both of which are excellent throughout. The action packed film surrounds the viewer as the entire soundstage is utilized, bringing the monsters, robots, and everything in between to life. Never a dull moment the lively track is again a demo quality and surely will not disappoint.

The DVD and ultraviolet are merely a downgrade (serious downgrade) as this film was whole heartedly meant to be viewed in High definition or 3D high definition.

The extras for this set include:

  • Audio Commentary Track with Guillermo Del Toro

  • Focus Points

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Blooper Reel

  • The Director's Notebook

    • The Creative process, which is Del Toro

  • The Digital Artistry of Pacific Rim

  • The Director's Notebook

  • The Shatterdome

    • A bunch of concept art, early costume designs, and animatics

- Michael P. Dougherty II


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