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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Adventure > Fantasy > Battles > Swords > Videogame > Internet > Red Vs. Blue - Season 11 (2013/Cinedigm/Flatiron Blu-ray + DVD)

Red Vs. Blue - Season 11 (2013/Cinedigm/Flatiron Blu-ray + DVD)

Picture: C+ & C Sound: C Extras: B Episodes: B+

After countless battles, surviving doomed missions, aliens, killer rogue A.I., military projects and cover-ups gone wrong, our heroes from the Halo universe, the Reds and the Blues have finally set aside their differences, over come all the odds, saved the universe and are heading home... that is until their ship crash lands on an unknown planet. As they set up base and await rescue, other than dwindling supplies and ammo, their only problem is surviving each other in Season 11 of Red Vs. Blue.

Having previously saved the galaxy more than once, the Reds and Blues were looking forward to heading home for some R&R, that is until their ship went off course and crash lands. As Agent Washington and the Sarge lead the set up Red and Blue Bases awaiting for a rescue, the bickering on what to do soon sets them at each other throats, and that's not to mention Caboose starting up a killer robot as his dog. Soon they find themselves in the middle of a planetary civil war and they and they are called to the front lines again.

This is a comical drama, based of the Halo games and characters, the only way of identifying any of the characters is by the color and pattern of their armors. Much of the entertainment however is not in the battles but in the conversations between the troopers. The CGI looks more like characters in a 3-D shooter game moving around than CGI movie.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image transfer on Blu-ray is somehow a little weaker and simpler than the previous seasons, so the anamorphically enhanced DVD is softer still and the CG animation is just that weak. Both formats surprisingly have lossy Dolby Digital 5.1, which is on the weak side, when the Blu-ray is absolutely screaming for a lossless mix. Extras include behind the scenes, PSAs, deleted scenes, commentary and outtakes.

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- Ricky Chiang


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