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The Wolverine (2013/Fox Blu-ray w/DVD + Digital Copy)

Picture: A-/B Sound: A-/B Extras: C Film: B

Whereas some are now suggesting that we are in the Golden Age of Superhero/Comic Book films; I still have my reservations. Are superhero films better than ever? Yes, without a doubt. Is there room for improvement? Yes, without a doubt. Films such as The Dark Knight Trilogy, Iron Man, and several of the X-Men films have proven that the superhero genre is a strong one with much more to offer than some men flying around in tights, smashing the city. Superhero films now have (or should have) depth, backstory, action, suspense, and so much; making them a true film, rather than merely big a big budget spectacle. The Wolverine manages to wash the bad taste of that atrocity known as X-Men Origins: Wolverine from our minds as it manages to infuse many of those aforementioned critical story arch elements.

In The Wolverine we are introduced to a world changing event for Logan (AKA Wolverine) [again played by Hugh Jackman] as he stands witness to the bombing of Nagasaki in WWII; saving a Japanese soldier in the process. We then fast forward to present day (after the events of X3: The Last Stand) with a distraught Logan, living the life of a hermit, distressed and tormented by the death of his love Jean Grey (Framke Janssen) swearing off violence. When pushed to far by group of local mountain men, an unfamiliar face appears from the shadows to aid Logan, as well as to harken him back to Japan to say goodbye to a ghost from his past. Arriving in Japan Logan meets with that same Japanese soldier he had saved over 68 years earlier. Now an old dying man, riddled with cancer and regret; he clings onto life, not ready to go. He offers Logan the chance to rid himself of the curse his mutation has bestowed upon, the curse of immortality. The elderly solider (now with riches beyond compare) says he has found a manner in which he can extract Logan's powers; leaving him to live a normal life and die an old man. In disbelief, Logan dismisses the dying man's wish; shortly after the man passes away. The soldier's fortunes are left to his granddaughter; a kind hearted girl who surpassed her father in the will. At her grandfather's funeral a band of Japanese gang members launch a full-fledged attack to kidnap the girl; fortunately for her Logan senses things are a miss and aids her in her escape. From this point forward, the duo are on the run; but the twists and turns of their adventure leave viewers guessing as to what plan is really afoot.

The Wolverine plays like a true action/adventure film with a comic book/superhero edge. It's not overblown or superficial; as it possesses that necessary level of depth and detail. I would not call this film on the level of say The Dark Knight Trilogy or an Oscar winner, but at the very least is interesting and shows that there is still hope for the X-Men series. My one worry for this film was that director James Mangold would play the film like that of a samurai epic (like that of a Jackie Chan flick) rather than allowing it to be the superhero venture it is; luckily those worries were quickly dismissed. The film in end is a balanced mix of creativity, culture, and comic book wonderment as The Wolverine stands above the pack to continue into the Golden Age of superhero films.

The picture for the Blu-ray release of The Wolverine is presented in a 2.40 X 1, 1080p, AVC-Encoded, MPEG-4 that is stunning from beginning to end with bright colors, solid contrast, inky blacks, and a supreme clarity. The picture quality is crystal clear with astonishingly realistic texture and detail, being nearly perfect. The colors pop and the film is never bogged down in the darker sequences (of which there are plenty); balancing wonderfully between the explosions of a bomb and ninjas creeping through the shadows. The sound is equally well done with as the entire speaker range is utilized in this 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio lossless presentation. Dynamic with solid panning effects, a booming bass, and succinct dialogue The Wolverine stands out as a brilliant presentation. The music, dialogue, and action will surround you at all times as you are immersed in sound in a really impressive mixdown from the Dolby Atmos 11.1 mix heard in select theaters that offered the film's sonics at its best.

The DVD and Digital Copy included in this set are merely downgraded releases of a fantastic Blu-ray presentation.

The extras for this (non-extended release) are pretty weak and short, offering very few bonus features to explore. Extras include:

  • Theatrical Trailer

  • Alternate Ending

    • Nothing spectacular; acting as more of an inside joke for longtime X-Men fans

  • X-Men : Days of Future Past - Set Tour

  • Second Screen App

- Michael P. Dougherty II


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