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Vikingdom (2013/Epic Pictures DVD)

Picture: B- Sound: D Extras: B Film: C+

Between folklore and legend, a clash of steel, there is Vikingdom. The world is changing, from the Gods of old to the new Gods, and Thor is NOT pleased. Thor (Conan Stevens) seeks to unite Helheim (underworld/hell), Mitgard (human realm), and Valhalla (Heaven) and to have gods walk among the world again. But only one man can stop the mad god... Eirick the Bloodletter (Dominic Purcell).

Director Yusry Kru (aka Yusry Abd Halim) starts with the premise that Eirick was once a king, but died and was brought back the Goddess Freya, now he must save mankind from the rule of Thor. As he gathers his army, he must rescue a wizard, then journey to Helheim to collect the Horn of Helheim to send Thor back the realm of gods, but he faces many challenges along the way, including his own brother/king and has turned his people into sellswords. As the battle for Mitgard begins, Eirick gathers various companions and heroes who would dare stand against the God of Thunder. And when he faces Thor. he discovers the truth of his origins and his destiny.

The script is based on Norse Legends and folklore, how the Norse God, Thor became angry that old Gods were being replaced by Christendom, so he decides to take over the world. While all the characters looked good, and look like they came from some Conan movie and the CGI special effects were first rate, the costuming, props and setting looked just a little too new and shiny; in the end it came off more as action movie with comical one liners than epic heroic action.

The anamorphically enhanced 1.85 X 1 image was shot with a RED EPIC camera with good results, but the lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 mix is weaker and inconsistent more often than I have encountered in any such mix in a long time, so that disappointed me in a major way. Extras include Making of Vikingdom, Music Video, and trailer.

- Ricky Chiang


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