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Category:    Home > Reviews > Science Fiction > Action > Drama > Graphic Novel > Comic Book > Snowpiercer: Vol 1 + 2 By Jacques Lob (2014/Titan Books/Hardcover/Comic Book/Graphic Novel)

Snowpiercer: Vol 1 + 2 By Jacques Lob (2014/Titan Books/Hardcover/Comic Book/Graphic Novel)

Books: B

In the future the planet has become a frozen wasteland, all life on the planet is dead except for those on The Snowpiercer, a train powered by a perpetual-motion engine. Over generations a class system have evolved where the elite live on the front in luxury and the poor lower classes are treated no better than chattel and forced to live in the tail. Tired of the injustice and discrimination one man starts a revolution and decides to move up to the front.

Part One: The Escape - A lone man moves up from rear of the train to discover elite are still living in luxury while the poor are starving the in back. The elite however control the soldiers aboard the train and will not have anyone disturb the system, let alone reach the engine, but the real mystery is: where is the train going and what is it purpose?

Part Two: The Explorers - The Snowpiercer 2, the sister train of the Snowpiercer, the survivors on this train do more than just survive, but makes stops collecting relics, resources and other survivors. As resources become scarce will they follow the same fate as the original? All their hopes on them reaching the mythical Promised Land.

This was an apocalyptic story, there are no happy ends. Rather it is about the human nature and what will humans do to survive. The lies, the truth, the darker side of human nature, and what a man would kill for. In the end if survival is what matters, then the right question to ask is what are you willing to do and live with? As usual with Titan Press, the print quality and paper quality are top rate and makes these yet more gift-quality publications fans can be confident in collecting.

- Ricky Chiang


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