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Gentle Ben - Season Two (1968 - 1969/CBS DVD Set)

Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Episodes: B+

Welcome back to another season (the last as it sadly turns out) of fun and adventure with Gentle Ben and the Wedloes in the Florida Everglades. As young Mark (Clint Howard) grows and explores the nature reserve with his park ranger father, Tom (Dennis Weaver), he teaches Ben about nature, animals and man, and he understands the balance between them. Mark has the best pet a kid could ever want, a 650-lb bear named Ben. He lives with his mother and father at an animal reserve with the swampland as his playground. They are often visited by neighbor and friend Boomhauer, with other wild animals (which Mark and Ben befriend). More than often Mark gets into trouble and Ben somehow manages to save him.

This was a heart felt series, good for all ages and the family. It was like Doctor Dolittle (without singing for fans of the original film), except with a kid and a bear. The episodes were at times entertaining, even funny as the young boy gets into trouble and learn about morals and animals from his park ranger father. Each episode taught something about the importance of nature and how man treats nature, but that was not enough to keep the show going and it folded early. Again, nice it is finally on DVD for all to see. See more after the episode listing as follows:


Two For the Sea (Part 1) - Ben and Mark befriend a runaway dolphin from a water park.

Two For the Sea (Part 2) - Ben follows his new found friend out to sea.

The Wall that Mark and Tom Built - Mark decides to move in with Ben and live away from home.

Ben the Champ - Ben tries wrestling at the town carnival.

Flapjack for Breakfast - Mark follows his pet raccoon into the swamp, who gets caught by a trapper.

A Gift of Love - Mark meets a lonely man in the woods and decides to train a dog for him.

Code Name: Disaster! - The Wedloes face mother nature when a flood heads their way.

The Intruders - While exploring the swamps, Mark and Ben find some trouble.

Starr of Green Bay - Mark gets a lesson in sportsmanship from Bart Starr of the Green Bay Packers.

Warden's Pond - The Wedloes help build a home for a new couple.

Knights of the Road - Mark meets a hobo in the deep swampland.

The Haunted Castle - Mark runs into some jewel thieves.

The Warden's Apprentice - Tom tries to teach a lazy egotistic young man the value of hard work.

Keeper of the Glades (Part 1) - The swampland becomes overrun with vandals and hoodlums.

Keeper of the Glades (Part 2) - Tom tracks down the vandals and puts an end to their abuses.

The Great Mail Boat Robbery - Ben steals a mail boat by accident.

Show Biz - A clown helps Ben learn some new old tricks.

Flamingo Flats - Mark and Ben finds some Seminole Indians in the swampland.

Lifeline - Ellen leads the boys in a camp, but then runs into a storm.

My Son the Banker - Mark takes Ben to the bank to try and help out Mr. Boomhauer.

The Last Red Wolf - Tom finds a rare red wolf in the swampland.

The Competitor - Mark becomes competitive in a contest, but then gets into trouble.

Mark of the Arrow - Tom gets badly injured and Mark and Ben must go for help.

Boom's Land Boomerang - Boomhauer sells his land, not knowing the buyer intends to turn the reserve into a hunting ground.

Elephant on the Lam - Mark must decide to either help an elephant run away or bring him back.

The Prey - Mark tries to protect a doe during hunting season.

The Bully - Mark learns how to deal with bullies and why they are bullies.

Busman's Holiday - Mark is afraid that Ben would be taken away from him when Ben causes some trouble.

The 1.33 X 1 color picture and lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 mono sound are on par with the last set, meaning they can look and sound good, but can be rough and aged at times. There are no extras this time, but for more on the first season, go to this link:


- Ricky Chiang


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