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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Stand-up > Legit - The Complete First Season (2013/Fox DVD Set)

Legit - The Complete First Season (2013/Fox DVD Set)

Picture: B- Sound: B- Extras: A Episodes: A-

Australian Jim Jefferies is a stand up comedian (playing himself!) living with his roommate lawyer Steve in Los Angeles, trying to become an American citizen by being a good guy and picking up an American girl. Together, they bring in and take care of Billy, Steve's wheelchair-bound brother to live with them and discovers Billy is the ultimate wingman. Jim shows Billy how to live life his style, and together the trio take their partying to new levels and their debauchery to new lows in the new TV series Legit - The Complete First Season (2013).

Jefferies is crude and crass (see our coverage of his stand-up work elsewhere on this site), but he is a great friend to be around when you just want to have fun... he is never politically correct, but always funny. He is able to laugh at the worst of things and look on the 'positive' side. He had loose morals at best and the hardest work he ever done was getting a woman into his bed and his best friends/wingmen are Steve and Billy; Steve is a self-pitying divorcee separated from his 9 year old daughter and his brother Billy wants to get away from their overbearing-hoarder-control-freak mother and start living his own life (with the aid of Jim of course). Jim uses Billy, playing the good guy helping the handicap, in order to gain sympathy sex from girls.

This was a funny and very comical series, but be warned, there is adult humor, politically incorrect and bodily jokes, scantily clad girls, and guys who are trying to do good but ultimately failing. While it is touching to see the buddy-bond between guys, they are examples of what not to do.

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image and lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 mix are as good as they are going to get in this format and play nicely throughout. Extras include director's cut of Pilot, commentaries on select episodes, Deleted Scenes, gag reel, Jim Jefferies' Journey and Rodney Autotune.


Pilot - Jim takes Billy on a road trip to Vegas to get a hooker and lose his virginity.

Dreams - Jim breaks Billy out of the shelter home, but Rodney joins the party.

Love - Billy wants more than sex in a relationship and creates a fake online profile to meet girls.

Anger - Jim vents his anger and frustration on a plane.

Justice - Jim and the boys get mistaken for drug dealers and robbers break into their house to steal their stuff.

Family - Jim goes to school career day and helps out a troubled teen.... in the wrong way.

Health - Jim needs to get in shape, but instead it is the trainer who gets the work out.

Hoarder - The guys help Steve and Billy's mom get rid of all the stuff she has been hoarding.

Bag Lady - Jim sleeps with a politician's wife and becomes targeted by the paparazzi.

Cuckoo's Nest - Jim wants to get laid by the handicap kids' lovely physical trainer, but Billy and his boys plots to stop him.

Hat Hair - Jim takes the boys to a baseball game, but then gets arrested for being un-American.

Misunderstood - Jim is mistaken for a rapist and racist when he makes jokes on raping attractive girls and gays guys .

Fatherhood - Billy finds out the hooker he was with in LA is pregnant.

- Ricky Chiang


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