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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Britcom > Roy Clarke's Last Of The Summer Wine: Vintage 1998 (BBC DVDs)

Roy Clarke's Last Of The Summer Wine: Vintage 1998 (BBC DVDs)

Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Episodes: C+

Hard to believe Roy Clarke's Last Of The Summer Wine has been on the air for 40+ years since this show premiered on the BBC in 1973. The characters were even considered past their prime when the show was conceived and two of the main male leads Peter Sallis (Clegg) who is still current with the last episode and the late Bill Owen (Compo) stayed intact at least until the 1990s. The 3rd scoundrel in their Three Stooges like trio is Frank Thornton (Truly) who makes his debut in this set as well, the others before him have been interchangeable throughout the series do to the natural causes of the actor playing the 3rd character at the time. Two of their old broads from near the beginning Jane Freeman (Ivy) also appeared til 2010 and Kathy Staff (Nora Beatty) til 2008.

When I watch the episodes for this series. I'm astonished that a show like this could be on the air even as a mid-season replacement (but I'm thinking from an American stand point). I'm constantly reminded how different this is from American TV and how this type of show would of never made it past a couple of episodes on network TV in America aka The States. At least The Golden Girls, with all it's flaws and inconsistencies with continuity, had four strong actresses that made it believable and sharp wit to go along with it, that you looked forward to it every week no matter how bad the writing got, but I digress. These characters who mean well and still try to live out their youth never seem to evolve past the childhood schemes to get the attention of the old broad's in the village. Some of the trio's shenanigans in this box set include a childhood tradition of rolling down a hill, taking up skydiving, a three man windsurfing sailboard and bicycle safety underwear, etc. Must be they deal with age differently than we do?

In a way it's kinda uplifting that people in their prime can still live like they are forever young, but also remind me of some of the old fogie bachelor clicks I witnessed growing up within the confines of my Midwest city neighborhood who were happy just to get by and never got rich from their hair brained schemes or the girl for that matter!

This 2 set DVD also includes the 1997 Christmas special There Goes The Groom. Despite the beauty of the Yorkshires scenery, the 1.33 X 1 picture quality and lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo sound are average and could be better for a series that's put out this many DVDs.

- Howard Saul


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