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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Science > TV Mini-Series > Cable > Big History (2013/Lionsgate/A + E/History Channel Blu-ray Set)

Big History (2013/Lionsgate/A + E/History Channel Blu-ray Set)

Picture: A- Sound: C+ Extras: C Episodes: A-

Do you know cell phones were the result of the Titanic sinking? Or that all the minerals and ores we find on Earth come from meteors? Or that Sun worshipers were not wrong about the sun creating all life on Earth? People see the Earth's past as a timeline, but it is far more larger and more complex like a web. Big History takes a step back and takes a look how evolution plus 13.7 billion years have shaped everything on Earth. Nothing is too small to not have made an impact and we are all connected to it.

This documentary cable TV mini-series unique look at history through the eyes of evolution, science and the eons that it took to get there. From how the smallest grain of salt that brought life to how The Big Bang exists in our cell phones. There is an evolutionary connection for everything. The true reason for the revolutionary war was caffeine, beef caused human brains to evolve bigger. Big History takes a look  on how things came to be. Everything down to it's atoms and physics, and their impact and importance over centuries. How without those things, phenomenons, life forms Earth would have taken a very different course.

The wheel is said to be one of man's greatest invention and forever change the destiny of mankind, but what of all other things we take for granted, mountains, meteors, caffeine, gold and silver ...these things course of this planet's history. Big History uses CGI, TV historical dramas and the voice of Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) to illustrate and explain how everything leads back to the Big Bang. While it take a bigger/larger view, but when you take view that's too big or too long the science becomes a little vague and people begin to question it's relevance. And also while humans have invented incredible things, humankind itself is now outside of nature, having replaced evolution with science, we no longer evolve, instead we adapt everything to us.


The Superpower of Salt - Salt is the building block of all life, without it, no life would exist on this Earth.

Horse Power Revolution - Taming the horse has expanded and advanced civilizations, changed life around the globe.

Gold Fever - Why is gold the #1 medal and considered the metal of the Gods?

Below Zero - Because of cold climates it lead to the creation of all the different races animals and humans on Earth.

Megastructures - How did the pyramids and temples appear all over the Earth and why mankind does builds them?

Defeating Gravity - How man learned how to fly and how gravity is both a friend and foe.

World of Weapons - The evolution of humans and their weapons can traced from first rock spears to modern projectile weapons.

Brain Boost - Caffeine is what really started the European trade and the American Revolution fought over.

Mountain Machines - Mountains are the treasure trove of mankind's resources and causes of the world's weather phenomenons.

Pocket of Time Machine - Today's technology and cell phones are the offspring of The Big Bang.

Deadly Meteors - Meteors cause the extinction of the dinosaurs but without them humankind would have stayed in the stone age.

Decoded - Humans follow code and language, but is there an universal language?

Rise of the Carnivores - Because of meat and beef, humans were able to evolve bigger brains and become most intelligent creature on the planet.

The Sun - The death of suns, supernovas are what give the universe all it's elements.

Silver Supernova - Silver is the reason why civilization has expanded and started global trade.

H2O - Water is the perfect element for all things and the formation of life.

The Big History of Everything - Everything is connected.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image has lots of CG, but it matched the digital look of the episodes, but the lossless DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 sound is much weak and more restricted than it should be for such a mix as if the sound was being spread out one way and compressed another. The only extras are 10 shorts that run over a half-hour that were OK, but nothing spectacular.

- Ricky Chiang


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