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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Slasher > Monster > Terror > Revenge > Supernatural > Shorts > Tom Holland's Twisted Tales (2014 Shorts Set/Image DVD)

Tom Holland's Twisted Tales (2014 Short Set/Image DVD)

Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Shorts: C+

Welcome to the world of Tom Holland, where the macabre is always welcome. This is a series of short stories, from mad men (and woman), supernatural creatures, making deals with the devil, to even the end of the world. Each story tells a tail of about human desire and revenge..with dark consequences, that when dealing with forces of evil, be careful what you wish for... because you just might get it.

These are a series of campfire/ghost stories, each one with it's own unique twist and moral, how dark desires can lead to one's downfall. And in the end, making deals with the devil it is the devil who always wins; that evil is born from human nature and their hearts.

Tom Holland is writer, director and actor in his film Twisted Tales, while he is famous for his tales of horror, I found the actual Twisted Tales stories fright level to be about middle school level. While there was a bit of blood, dismemberment, violence and monsters, it was fake looking and thus wasn't very scary.

Picture and sound quality can vary from short to short, so expect unevenness in presentation and some to look better than others. Extras include the making of the tales.


Fred and His GPS - A man kills his wife, but then is haunted by her ghost in his GPS.

To Hell With You - A girl wants revenge after getting dumped by his cheating boyfriend and makes deal with a devil.

Boom - A bomb specialist suspect's his wife and his best friend are having an affair and prepares a 'special' bomb for them.

Mongo's Magic Mirror - A magic mirror is a door way to another dimension to show a person's greatest desire ....and fears.

Bite - A special new drug can show a person the future ...but turns it's users into werewolves.

Shockwave - It's the end of the world is happening and a group of friends must decide how to face the end ...and it doesn't end well.

Cached - A man finds a haunted tablet, whoever touches it will end up dead.

The Pizza Guy - A girl summons the devil to talk to her dead sister, but instead gets a pizza guy ...or is it?

Vampire's Dance - A girl searches for her roommate, but instead find a vampire bar.

- Ricky Chiang


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