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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Laverne & Shirley: The Seventh Season (1981 - 1982/CBS DVD Set)

Laverne & Shirley: The Seventh Season (1981 - 1982/CBS DVD Set)

Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Episodes: B+

In Season Seven, Laverne & Shirley and friends continue to live the American Dream of striking it big as Hollywood stars (long having forgotten Milwaukee) and that if they never give up their dreams, they will come true someday. As they look for chances to break into showbiz and stardom, dates with celebrities the continue their day to day jobs working in the department store. Love is in the air as Lenny falls in love, Carmine moves forward in his relationship with Shirley, and Laverne and Shirley return for their high school reunion to tell everyone of their success in the last ten years.

The best friends/roommates living together in Burbank, working as gift wrappers while chasing the California dream, to be come movie stars are determined to succeed, never loosing hope or enthusiasm. Laverne (Penny Marshall) is usually the more impulsive one and a bit more guy crazy (the joke of her choices of dates are already married men). Shirley (Cindy Williams) is usually the sensible one, but every so often does something crazy too. They are surround by their neighbors/friends whom are also in the entertainment business, Lenny & Squiggy as low level talent agents, Carmine a singer (also Shirley's love interest) and Rhonda a voluptuous blonde actress who constantly comes to raid Laverne and Shirley's refrigerator.

This was a comedy still set in the later 1960s and certainly had the clothes, music, ideas and dreams of the people of that time period. It was like an early version of Friends, a group of close friends living close together, trying to get by and falling in love, for those who have never seen it.

The show was shot on 35mm color film, but these 1.33 X 1 transfers are a little weak, as are the lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtracks for the episodes, but we at least get extras including episode promos and gag reel.


The Most Important Day Ever - Laverne and Shirley is forced to perform with a group of Latvian acrobats.

It Only Hurts When I Breathe - Shirley breaks Laverne's jaw as they travel down memory lane.

I Wonder What Became of Sal? - Laverne's ex-fiance returns with a big change ...he is now a millionaire.

Teenage Lost - Laverne and Shirley find out they are no long spring chickens when they realize they can't keep up with the college boys at parties.

The Defiant One - Shirley inadvertently gets handcuffed to a bank robber and is taking along for the getaway ride.

Night At the Awards - Lenny and Squiggy crashes an awards night for a chance to meet the big celebrities.

Some Enchanted Earring - Laverne's date with a director causes her to lose her mother's earrings.

Moving In - Laverne tries moving in with her new boyfriend and asks Shirley to cover for her.

Friendly Persuasion - Laverne and Shirley meets a famous actor and think he's got a crush on them.

I Do, I Don't - Shirley gets a chance for a free dream wedding, but only if she somehow tricks Carmine to say yes.

Love is the Tar Pits - Lenny falls in love with a girl a the local tar pits, but Squiggy feels like he is losing his best friend.

Watch the Fur Fly - Laverne sets up Shirley with date with rich furrier.

Rocky Ragu - Carmine auditions for a boxing musical, which Laverne mistakes him for cheating on Shirley.

Star Peepers - When a star actor treats Laverne and Shirley poorly, they vow to get revenge on him with tabloids.

An Affair to Forget - Laverne dates a married man but ends up all wet.

Whatever Happened to the Class of 56? - Laverne and Shirley return for their High School reunion... and are mistaken for movie stars.

Ski Show - Laverne and Shirley decides to try and pick up guys at a ski resort, even though they both can't ski.

Helmut Weekend - Squiggy's long lost father returns, but Squiggy learns he is just trying to con money from him and his friends.

That's Entertainment - Carmine and Laverne's father argue about which era's music was better.

Lighting Man - Carmine gets struck by Lighting and now he thinks he is invincible.

Crime Isn't Pretty - Laverne and Shirley gets robbed and Laverne's father is determined to catch the thief.

Perfidy In Blue - Shirley loses Laverne's favorite blue purse and has nightmares that Laverne is going to kill her.

- Ricky Chiang


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