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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Fantasy > Action > CGI > Computer Animation > TV > Adventure > Dragons: Defenders of Berk - Part 1 (2014/DreamWorks/Fox DVD)

Dragons: Defenders of Berk - Part 1 (2014/DreamWorks/Fox DVD)

Picture: B- Sound: B- Extras: B Episodes: B+

Ever since the secret is out that the Vikings of Berk now co-exist with the dragons, the other Viking clans want their own dragons to attack Berk. Hiccup and his friends must now not only train with dragons, but prepare themselves to fight other future dragon riders and invaders. As new and old enemies (and dragons) appear, they will have to find new ways and develop new tactics to protect their home.

Hiccup is the leader of the Dragons of Berk and rides a Night Fury dragon, he is flanked Astrid the tough as nails girl Viking and Snotlout who has a crush on Astrid. Fishlegs is a walking encyclopedia of dragons, and Tuffnut and Ruffnut are twins who more often love just fighting each other. In Defenders of Berk, new enemies appear when the other Outcast and Viking clans realize how powerful having a dragon can be, Hiccup, his friends and Berk become targets for other clans for their knowledge and their dragons.

This was a fun filled animation that is good for all ages, about children who ride dragons and protect their home. As the characters learn more about dragons, the character Hiccup shows that you don't have strong to have the heart of a warrior or leader.

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image and lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 mix are as good as this show is going to get in this format. Extras include Dragon Tracker Part 3, evolution of the Screaming Death, Superfly Dragon Mash-up and the world of DreamWorks animation.


Live and Let Fly - All the dragons are literally grounded and banned from flying.

The Iron Gronckle - Meatlug finds out he has a new ability, to make a stronger and lighter metal.

The Night and the Fury - The kids train without their dragons, and Hiccup runs into an old friend, Dagur.

Tunnel Vision - A gigantic white Whispering Death appears, the Screaming Death.

Race to Fireworm Island - Hookfang's fire burns out and the group need to find a way to restart his fire.

Fright of Passage - The group faces a legendary glowing dragon that comes once every ten years, the Frightmare.

Worst in Show - The kids compete on who is the best dragon trainer.

Appetite for Destruction - The Screaming Death is destroying all the dragon's island and Berk is next.

Zippleback Down - The team trains on how to handle dragon traps, and runs into an old dragon friend, Torch.

A View to a Skrill (Part 1) - A new type of dragon is found, the Skrill, a lighting dragon.

- Ricky Chiang


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