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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Anger Management: Volume Three (2014/Lionsgate Blu-ray set)

Anger Management: Volume Three (2014/Lionsgate Blu-ray set)

Picture: B Sound: B Extras: C Episodes: B

Charlie Sheen stars in Anger Management as an anger management therapist with his own anger management problems. As he continue to counsel his usual group of in house patients he continues his sex research study, not to mention having a complex multi-relationships/affairs with his therapist, father, his ex-wife, and his 15-year-old daughter. As he continues his self destructive relationships in Volume Three, he deals with a new character, Sean, his ex-wife's new lover.

Sheen is the Charlie here, an unorthodox therapist that has anger issues himself. He has multiple sexual relationships with his own therapist Kate, his ex-wife Jennifer and various other dates, one night stands, as he berated on by his hyper critical father Martin (who really IS his father, Martin Sheen). His usual group therapy patients are Lacey, Patrick, Nolan and Ed, who all have anger management problems. Lacey is the spoiled rich girl who needs men to worship her. Patrick is a gay designer who thinks he is above people, and he is under-appreciated. Nolan is a shy junkie who has a major crush on Lacey and Ed is a Theodore Roosevelt look-alike veteran who is always politically/racially incorrect. They are joined this season by Sean who was Jennifer's new lover (until she found out he was cheating on her), at first Charlie view Sean as a rival, but then evolved into best friend type relationship with him.

This was another comical TV series, in a nutshell is is about a group of narcissistic group of people who wants to drink, and have friends with benefits. Their main sources of anger often come from the dramas cause by their own infidelity, they want to have it all, but none of the responsibilities Which begs to question... if this series mirrors Charlie Sheen's real social life and how much does it if it does?

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 HD-shot digital High Definition image and lossless DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 sound mix on each show are as good as they are going to be for a program like this. Extras include gag reel and digital HD.


Charlie and the Airport Sext - Charlie and his group get stuck at an Airport and he gets an interesting text from Kate. Meanwhile Jennifer turns Charlie's house into a porno shoot.

Charlie and His New Therapist - Charlie tries seeing a new female therapist with her own unorthodox methods. Patrick trick Ed into believing he won the lottery.

Charlie and the Hot Nerd - Charlie dates a hot girl, but her ex-boyfriend is a super nerd and hacks into Charlie's home and computer.

Charlie and the Secret Gigolo - Charlie meets Sean, his wife's new lover who is an ex-gigolo.

Charlie Dates a Serial Killer's Sister - Charlie meets a girl in prison and learns her brother (and her) might just kill him. Lacey strips for Nolan.

Charlie and the Cheating Patient - Charlie suspects Sean two timing Jennifer and Lacey.

Charlie and the Hit and Run - Ed moves in with Charlie's dad and Charlie must deal with the aftermath.

Charlie and the Virgin - Charlie goes behind Kate's back and have sex with a patient.

Charlie Kills His Ex's Sex Life - Charlie gets jealous of his ex wife's new boyfriend, Canvas. Patrick helps Lacey with her new modeling gig.

Charlie and the Prison Riot - Charlie is held hostage in a prison riot during his daughter's birthday.

Charlie and Kate Do It For the Money - With their grant money running out, Charlie and Kate must sleep with the right people to save their sex study.

Charlie and the Sting - Charlie tries to stop Kate from sleeping with a sleazy executive.

Charlie Gets the Party Started - Sean helps Charlie throw an epic party after Kate leaves.

Charlie and the Grad Student - Charlie and Nolan compete for a sexy grad student. Ed and Martin puts up a halfway house for Vets.

Charlie's New Sex Study Partner - Charlie has a new partner, but she is a bit crazy.

Charlie and the Sex Addict - Charlie goes to AA to meet Jordan's hot new sponsor, who turns out to be a sex addict.

Charlie and the Hooker - Charlie therapies a pimp who pays him with a hooker.

Charlie and the Devil - Charlie's new patient claims he is the devil, and will grant wishes for souls.... but when the wishes start coming true... Charlie begins to question his own soul.

Charlie and Sean and the Battle of the Exes - Jennifer and Lacey tries to pull a prank on Charlie and Sean, but the boys find out and reverse the prank.

Charlie Helps Lacey Stay Rich - Patrick pretends to be Lacey's fiance to help scam a million dollars from her parents.

Charlie Loses His Virginity Again - Charlie meet the girl who he lost his virginity to and want a 'do over' sex with her.

Charlie Does It For Science - Charlie has sex with a reporter about his sex study.

Charlie and Lacey Shack It Up - Lacey is forced to move in with Charlie.

Charlie and the Christmas Hooker - It's Christmas and Charlie rather spends it with a hooker than his father.

- Ricky Chiang


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