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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Satire > Horror > Television Industry > Holliston: The Complete Second Season (2013/Image Blu-ray set)

Holliston: The Complete Second Season (2013/Image Blu-ray set)

Picture: B+ Sound: B+ Extras: A Episodes: B

Imagine an R-rated Big Bang Theory-style sitcom and you have Holliston, which is geared towards fans of the horror genre. Starring Adam (Adam Green, Frozen and director of Hatchet 2) who is the show's lead and is usually the spearhead behind the bad idea, Joe Lynch (The Knights of Badassdom) the comic relief, the gorgeous Laura (The Hills Have Eyes) who has a taste for the macabre and is something of a painter, Corri (The Devil May Call) who is always the sensible one. The show also stars Oderus Urunguns (GWAR's Dave Brockie) who lives in Adam's closet and offers sage like advice, and Lance Rockett (Twisted Sister's Dee Snider) who is their boss. They also have a stuffed cat that lives in their apartment that's inanimate nature is the butt of many jokes. The cat's comments are usually subtitled.

The premise continuing in this Complete Second Season is that Adam and Joe are two down-and-out aspiring filmmakers that struggle with life, career, and the opposite sex as they attempt to make it out of the small New England town of Holliston and into the big time. They have a public access television show called The Movie Crypt that features bad horror trivia and movies. The show also features cameos by Seth Green (Family Guy), Bailee Madison (Trophy Wife), Sid Haig (The Devil's Rejects), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th 7-X), Danielle Harris (the Halloween remake), and David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London).

Some problems I have with the show is that the dialogue overall is pretty bad and at most times feels scripted. There is a lot to like about the series though and it has a lot of heart which I think makes it stand out. The first episode, Suicidal Tendencies, features a cameo by Kane Hodder, who has found himself in the hospital after an attempted suicide after a group of fans at a horror convention ask him to sign Freddy Vs Jason and he goes over the deep end. Adam and Joe decide to ask him to star in their short film in an attempt to save their jobs at the Mass Cable Network (where Lane Rockett is their boss). The episode features some great special effects and some great acting by Kane.

The second episode, Halloween Girl, picks up where the last episode left off and features Danielle Harris who flies in to meet with Adam and Joe about their short film starring Kane. Adam's infatuated with Danielle Harris and we realize that she's using him for money by flirting with him. When she first meets up with them she asked where Kane is and they tell her that he's sleeping in their apartment. When they go back for a secret meeting, we find Kane attempted to kill himself again, this time wrapped up in a shower curtain with a tie tied around his head. Of course, he wakes up in a Jason-like fashion, which is a nice touch. When Danielle stays over one night she tells him to turn off the lights as she sexually attacks him wearing the costume from Halloween 4 and makes him wear a Michael Myers mask with a gag on it. Soon, Kane joins in wearing his hockey mask and they talk about the crazy sex they have had at horror conventions past with other horror celebrities. Adam gets weirded out and runs out of the room, Michael Myers mask still on, and gets clubbed on the head by Joe who think he's trying to attack Laura. An outburst at a restaurant sends Corey into a jealous spin over Danielle and he confronts Adam about Danielle using him for pain meds and money. Later when Danielle stands in front of the camera, Adam realizes that he's still in love with Corey and fires her from the set.

In Episode 3, Hobgoblin, the group decides to make a found footage movie about the Holliston Hob-Goblin - a character they make in an attempt to make something after Kane Hodder discovered scientology and abandoned their short film. This episode is pretty funny and a great parody of the found footage film. Other Episodes include Honesty where Laura's family comes to visit and she tells a white lie about who her boyfriend really is, Rock the Cradle where Adam gets a VERY young girlfriend, Joe's Soda which is a werewolf themed episode where Corri gets bit by a werewolf, Blobby which is Laura's accidental creation when mixing paint chemicals, Cursed which is a parody of The Ring where the group watches a haunted video tape, Kevin's Wedding where Corri invites Adam to her friend's wedding, and finally Farm Festival where Adam and Joe decide to launch their own film festival after their film is rejected in every other one. The season ends with a bang with some great revelations by the main characters and a zombie outbreak! Each episode contains a commentary track by the show's creators, stars, and producers that are pretty informative and hilarious.

The 1080p digital high definition transfer with a 1.78.1 aspect ratio is pretty sharp and delivers superior picture quality to the show's presentation. The audio is also great and sports a DTS Master Audio 5.1 lossless language track. The total running time of the disc is 240 minutes. Overall, the picture quality is great but by no means a show piece for Blu-ray possibilities - standard high definition television quality transfer.

Image entertainment did a great job with the supplements on the disc. Special Features include Cast Commentaries, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Behind the Scenes, the lengthy Christmas Special Episode, and more! I feel like the features are pretty nice for this release and leave not much to be desired. Great job!

If you are a hardcore horror genre fan and enjoy a good laugh then Holliston is worth checking out. The cameos are pretty memorable and the idea is pretty solid. I think one issue it may have is for people that aren't horror movies fans getting all of the references. Holliston really grew on this reviewer and I would totally suggest it!

- James Harland Lockhart V



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