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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Supernatural > House Of Dust (2013/Anchor Bay DVD)

House Of Dust (2013/Anchor Bay DVD)

Picture: C Sound: B- Extras: D Film: C+

60 years ago, Redding Asylum was shut down for illegal human experiments gone wrong and all evidence was destroyed in the crematorium... or was it? 60 years later, a group of student breaks into the building and unleashes the ashes of the damned. One girl with her own traumatic experience with being put into an asylum, and her three others who anger the spirit of a known serial killer in A.D. Calvo's House Of Dust (2013).

A tragic story that becomes a party ghost story for those college students, no one imagined it could be real until it happens. What was to be a night of fright and fun, soon turns into a horror when three students accidentally spill the ashes in an abandoned crematorium.... the next day they begin acting out of character to satisfying the ghost's lust and need for killing. Their only hope lies in the only who wasn't effected, the mental unstable girl ...whom nobody believes.

This was your typical teen horror story, unfortunately it sets up and explains everything early on so the audience KNOWS what's coming. Scenes are shot setting up for the ghost, you know the ghost will appear before it evens appear. It was totally not surprising or scary for those whom watched plenty horror/ghost films.

The anamorphically enhanced image was too soft throughout, but the lossy Dolby Digital sound was not bad and there are no extras.

- Ricky Chiang


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