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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Science Fiction > Telefilm > Survival Code (2014 aka Borealis/Lionsgate DVD)

Survival Code (2014 aka Borealis/Lionsgate DVD)

Picture: C Sound: B- Extras: D Film: C+

The year is 2045, the world's natural resources are almost depleted and the polar ice caps have melted. Now, every country is struggling for to claim a piece of Borealis, the last untapped oil, gas and mineral deposits on the planet. In the middle of it all is Vic's Bar, Vic (Ty Olsson) is the local customs agent, ex-MMA prize fighter, peace keeper, and jack of all trades, anything you want or need you can find at Vic's, but when man is found murdered, every country blames another. Vic must somehow keep the world powers from going to war, before all the corrupt officials threatens them with a violent solution.

In David Frazee's Survival Code (2014 aka Borealis), Vic is the cynical type who doesn't care if people are destroying the planet or each other, as long as they aren't destroying his bar and he is making a profit; business is as usual. Yet with the last natural resource at stake, between the environmentalists, and the various countries and superpowers things are coming to a boil, his attitude may start to change, especially when it is discovered the Russians bring stolen artifacts to falsify their land claims and murdering anyone who gets says otherwise. Vic must find the evidence to prove the Russian's guilt before it turns into all out war.

This is a near semi-futuristic story about a mining town. While it is made up of various nationalities, it was basically Russians, Asians, and Americans, but when murder happens in a small town it triggers a chain reaction, everyone is trying to keep it from turning into an international incident, buts still use the incident to gain political advantage. In the end, it comes down as cage fight at the top of the world to settle who is right. While it's special effects weren't bad, it wasn't totally convincing either and the soft anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image hurt what seems to have been intended as a pilot for a TV series that never happened.

The lossy Dolby Digital sound is better, if not great and the one lame, token extra is a digital download of the film via Digital HD Digital Copy.

- Ricky Chiang


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