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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Satire > Revenge Of The Nerds (1984/Fox Blu-ray)

Revenge Of The Nerds (1984/Fox Blu-ray)

Picture: B- Sound: C+ Extras: C+ Film: B

Revenge of the Nerds is one of the quintessential 1980's films. Its offbeat humor coupled with a fun college tale (like that of Animal House) shtick has stood the test of time as future generations continue to discover and relate to the film.

In Revenge of the Nerds we have (the now) classic tale of the outcasts (nerds) overcoming all odds to best the mean, entitled jocks that have made their lives a living hell. We are treated to a brilliant cast of interesting, lovable characters including the likes of the disgusting Booger (Curtis Armstrong), the fabulously flamboyant Lamar Lamtrelle (Larry B. Scott), the child genius Wormser (Andrew Cassese), and the leader of the pack Lewis Skolnick with his smile inducing/yet cringe worthy laugh. Half the reason, however, the nerds are so good is due to their plotting, devilishly cruel jock counterparts. The likes of John Goodman as Coach Harris, Ted McGinley as Stan Gable, and Donald Gibb as the unforgettable, NERD! Smashing Ogre making up part of the cast of too cool for school jocks. The story of Revenge of the Nerds is that of the age old archetype of the underdog. The Nerds just want to be part of something, without worrying about ridicule or bodily harm; unfortunately for them the world is a cruel place and the jocks (Frat boys of Alpha Beta) have been specially trained (brainwashed) into hating anything different.

The story progresses through the highs and lows (mostly lows) of being a Nerd in college with many laughs along the way; but luckily for the Nerds, good always prevails. At least in movies...

The film is by no means an Oscar winner, but is a classic in its own right as it is creative and full of heart. The cast seem to be having a great time and the chemistry (Nerd joke!) is undeniable. The Revenge of the Nerds went on to make numerous sequels, but none would match the charismatic comedy of the original; somewhat reminiscent of the (seemingly) never ending Police Academy sequels also popular in the 80s/90s.

As previously mentioned Nerds is a great college flick that continues to entertain new generations.

The picture and sound quality are only so, so on this new Blu-ray; a step up (but not much) from previous releases. The 1080p, 1.85 x 1 image gets the job done but tends to be soft with a degree of grain. Whereas the image is mostly clear and maintains that real film feel, it continues to need some touching up. The sound is also adequate in its DTS-HD Master Audio Mono track comes all from the front, but with that memorable Song/Dance number at the end (Devo inspired) I was hoping for more.

Extras include:

  • Audio Commentary

  • I'm a Nerd, and I'm Pretty Proud of it

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Trailer

  • FOX TV pilot

    • I RMEMBER THIS! What a great (awesome) failure!

- Michael P Dougherty II


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