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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Crime > Mystery > Legal > TV > Telefilms > Perry Mason: Movie Collection, Vol. 2 (1987 - 1989/CBS DVD Set)

Perry Mason: Movie Collection, Vol. 2 (1987 - 1989/CBS DVD Set)

Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Telefilms: B-

The mysteries, murders continue with Perry Mason, the TV Movie series. Mason (Raymond Burr back in the role) is America's best defense attorney, he always wins the cases and proves the innocence of his clients, even when there is no evidence or all evidence points to the victim. With the help of his secretary Della Street (Barbara Hale, also back in her original role), associates Paul Drake (William Katt, Hale's real life son) and Ken Malansky (William R. Moses), Perry Mason always gets to the bottom of the case and find the REAL killer. In this volume, he faces his toughest challenges including the US Military, crooked lawyers, and rich heirs and heiresses.

Mason is a man of justice, and believes that everything is never what it seem, specially when it comes to murder with big money. Della Street helps him gather legal information, and Paul and Ken who helps him uncover more dangerous information. Then through logic, deduction, and process of elimination, Mason separates out the facts and lies from all the various suspects till he finds out truth and who really did it.

These TV movies are a more updated version (and in color)compared to the original black and white series. Mason in this series is more a lawyer/attorney than a detective, he mainly leaves the field work to his investigative team Paul and Ken. The Perry Mason in this particular series relies a bit more on scientific evidence instead of cross examination and deduction. There is also a bit more romantic drama relationship between the main characters and they are supported by stronger cast of minor/side characters for modern murder mysteries.


The Case of the Scandalous Scoundrel - When a tabloid publisher is found dead, a female reporter who was recently fired is blamed, but Perry suspects one of the tabloid articles was the real trigger for the murder.

The Case of the Avenging Ace - A high ranking Air Force officer is convicted of murder and jailed. Two years later a witness comes forward testifying he can prove his innocence, but when the witness is murdered Perry begins to suspect someone is working to stop the appeal process.

The Case of the Lady In the Lake - A rich heiress is found murdered and the husband is framed, but when all her friends and family want a piece of the inheritance, everyone's a suspect. (Guest star, David Hasselhoff)

The Case of the Lethal Lesson - One of Perry's law students is accused of murder, but all of the suspects are expert criminal law students who knows how to hide and play the system. Perry must ferret out those guilty in a string of lies, ex-lovers, and jealous classmates.

The Case of the Musical Murder - A cruel director is found dead and a recently fired stage manager is blamed. Perry must delve into the past of the cast and crew and their relationships with the director in order to find the killer. And he discovers more than just a few skeletons in the closet.

The Case of the All-Star Assassin - The owner of a multi-million dollar sport team is murdered by a hired killer and a star athlete is blamed, but Perry discovers that the owner had few fans and even fewer friends the list of suspects grows. Perry must find and catch the REAL killer to find out who hired him in order to prove his client's innocence.

- Ricky Chiang


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