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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Comedy > Romance > Harem > Japan > Maoyu: The Complete Collection (2013/Section 23/Sentai Blu-ray)

Maoyu: The Complete Collection (2013/Section 23/Sentai Blu-ray)

Picture: A- Sound: B Extras: B Episodes: A-

After 15 years of war between humans and demons, mankind's greatest warrior, the Hero (or Yusha) decides to single handily confront the Demon King to end the war, but to his surprise instead of a King ... he finds a Queen? Who tells to him that neither side winning or ending the war is true a victory because someone always loses and the people will always suffer. So instead, she proposes a third option, to join her to reshape and reorganize the land and kingdoms with new ideals with modern sciences so that both humans and demons can co-exist peacefully, but together, they face even a more difficult challenge of changing the hearts and minds of the people and demons alike.

Maoyu explores the struggle between the humans and demons. How war was not a struggle between 'good and evil' but for resources, wealth, control and power. Both the Hero and Demon King give up their titles, the Demon King becomes known as a noblewoman known as the Crimson Scholar who uses her knowledge to help bring prosperity to the masses, and the Hero becomes the Black Knight whom protects the ideals of the Crimson Scholar. As the two become the symbol of co-existence (and lovers), the Crimson Scholar gains more popularity with the masses, but when the church and nobility begin to lose control of the Kingdoms they brand her as a heretic and seek to 'silence' her in anyway they can.

Back in the dark ages people believed in order for any kingdom to prosper, they must conquer and take riches from other neighboring kingdoms, but in truth, was only the rich/nobility who benefited while most masses still suffered, starved and died... regardless of whichever side won the war. The series uses humans and demons to illustrate/symbolize the changes of society through modern economics, farming and the eventual movement towards democracy and capitalism.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image transfer is up to Sentai usual high standards with fine color, definition detail and consistency, while the DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo lossless mix is warm, has some Pro Logic-like surrounds and is as good as it will ever sound. Extra includes Japanese commercials, Blu-ray Spots, Social Game Spots, clean opening and closing animations, and trailers.


You Will Be Mine Hero! ~ I Refuse! - The Hero meets the Demon King and is surprised to find a girl instead, who proposes to him and convince him to help her bring peace to the kingdoms.

Please Make Us Human - The Queen now (known as the Crimson Scholar) introduces crop rotation to help increase food for the masses. They are joined by two runaway sisters who are fleeing from slavery and serfdom, and take them in to become their maids, in exchange for freedom, a home, education and equal treatment.

Where Have You Been?! - Few months later, the Hero and Crimson Scholar run into one of the Hero's old companions, the Female Knight. The Crimson Scholar introduces a new crop, potatoes, which helps feed the poor.

If That Happens, I'll Take a Bite Out of the Hero - As the queen continues teach and introduce new crops and ideas, the Southern nations becomes more independent from the central kingdoms. The Hero goes to the Demon Realm to find allies.

You Smell Good, Demon King ~And I Feel Safe in Your Arms, Hero - The Hero now known as the Black Knight learns of humans harassing demons and defends them from racism, but as the Humans and Demons continue fight over a critical piece of an island the greedy humans meet with disaster, and blame the Winter King and the Crimson Scholar to take responsibility for the next charge.

Welcome Back, Hero ~ Yeah Old Man, I'm Back - The Crimson Scholar and the Female Knight helps the Winter King take back the Island. The Hero returns with some new allies and they are reunited with another of the Hero's old companions, the Archer.

I'll Be Back Soon. ~ We'll See Each Other Soon - With the string of military victories, new ideas and technologies, the Winter Kingdom becomes even more rich and prosperous, but the Queen reveals that she must return to the Demon Realm soon to for a ritual to maintain her right and rule as the Demon King.

Take This Sword My Lord - A the Demon King prepares for the ritual room, she instructs the head maid to kill her if she emerges if spirits of the past Demon Kings takes over her mind. Meanwhile the Central Kingdoms jealous of the Winter Kingdoms successes and their waning power, brands the Crimson Scholar and her teaching as heresy, whom the Elder sister is masquerading as.

I Am Human - The Emissary from the Church takes the Elder Sister who is disguised as the Queen's double and plans to publicly stone her, but Elder Sister speaks out to the public of past injustice to her and the people by the Church and the nobility, the people then rise up and stone the Emissary instead. The Winter Kingdom then declares the Crimson Scholar is Saint and is under their protection and the Central Church has become twisted and corrupt.

So Now Their Plans Are Finally Coming to Fruition? - With the Southern Kingdoms becoming more prosperous and powerful, they begin to united against the Central Nation's unjust rule and taxes. More of the common people begin to immigrate South in hope for a better life.

I Just Destroy and Kill, Without Creating Anything - The Southern Kingdoms faces the attacks from the Central Kingdoms, but manages to emerge victorious thanks to the tactics left by the Crimson Scholar and Female Knight. The Queen emerges from the ritual chamber, but is possessed by the spirits of the past Demon Kings.

I'm Back, My Hero ~ You Sleep Too Much , My Demon King - The Hero goes to the Demon Realm to rescue the Demon King and tells her what has been happening in the human realm. It is revealed that the war was conspired by the Central Leaders, the Church and Blue Demons, the Hero and his friends discuss the future of the kingdoms, their people, and the future of human and demon co-existence.

- Ricky Chiang


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