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Category:    Home > Reviews > Special Interest > Speculation > TV > The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved - Season 7 (2010/A&E/History Channel Blu-rays)

The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved - Season 7 (2010/A&E/History Channel Blu-rays)

Picture: B Sound: C Extras: D Episodes: C+

Take a look up into the Universe's heavens to answer the mystery that surround some of mankind's oldest structures and myths, Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Star of Bethlehem. Did they have some celestial importance? With modern sciences, technologies and computers History explorers some of the theories and debunk fact from fiction in the seemingly endless speculative series, The Universe, now in Season 7!

Did ancient people believe the heavens were messages from God and built the great Wonders of the World in order to understand them better? While there are no written records currently exist to explain why they were built, through modern science we learned perhaps ancient builders built them to better understand astrology or at the very least they were created in parallel with celestial events taken into consideration. The Pyramids similarly were also built with the idea for the Pharaoh to reach to the heavens in the afterlife. Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Star of Bethlehem perhaps were not as much acts of God but celestial events, they were wiped was caused more likely by ancient meteorites and the Star of Bethlehem was not really a star but perhaps a comet or a planetary alignment.

History provides an interesting view into the past through the eyes of science. To take some of the unexplained mysteries and shed light on some of the questions that mankind have asked for thousands of years. While it is not direct hard evidence, it at least show how, why or why not some legends could be possibly true or could be completely off. Sometimes the simplest of answers are usually the best answers, most ancient things were built with the belief that there was a connection to a higher purpose or being involve or was used to explain the unexplained in the universe... usually took the form or name of God. As for theories of aliens and the afterlife... well, that remains to be seen... or perhaps to be discovered.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 HD-shot digital High Definition image transfer and DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 lossless mix are good, but the image can have a little motion blur and the sound is much weaker than expected more often than you might think. There are no extras.

- Ricky Chiang


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