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Category:    Home > Reviews > Special Interest > Speculation > TV > Ancient Aliens: Season Five Volume 2 (2013/A&E/History Channel/Lionsgate Blu-ray set)

Ancient Aliens: Season Five, Volume 2 (2014/A&E/History Channel/Lionsgate Blu-ray set)

Picture: B+ Sound: B+ Extras: D Episodes: A

Did the knowledge and advancements in civilizations have extraterrestrial origins? The History Channel's Ancient Aliens is a fascinating show that really opens your eyes and makes you think about the topic from very different angles. The show has been criticized for presenting pseudoscience and pseudo-history and can't subjectively be dismissed as either really but more based on your own beliefs and perception.

This two Blu-ray disc set is a very nice release and has great interactive menus and superior sound and picture quality. If you are a believer of Extra-Terrestrial possibilities like I am, then this is definitely a great release for you to check out. The only downside is a lack of extras, but at five hours and fifty two minutes this release gives you plenty of content that doesn't leave you wanting more.

Episodes include Emperors, Kings, and Pharaohs where researchers discuss historical dynasties possible relationship to extraterrestrials. Alien Operations where researchers discuss medicine, surgery, miracles and alien technology. Mysterious Relics where researchers discuss mythic powers attributed to worldwide religious relics. The Satan Conspiracy where researchers discuss Satan and the worldwide concept of a devil figure.

The Anunnaki Connection where researchers discuss a possible connection between extraterrestrials and the Mesopotamian deities known as the Anunnaki. My personal favorite study is The Crystal Skulls where researchers discuss the worldwide phenomena of the crystal skull. The Power of Three where researchers discuss the Trimurti, Trinity and the common occurrence of the number three in ancient texts, and Magic of the Gods where researchers discuss magic, Merlin, and extraterrestrials.

The 1080p high definition transfer preserves the 16X9 Widescreen 1.78:1 aspect ratio and is flawless in presentation. The audio is captured in lossless DTS-HD Master Audio (MA) 5.1 mixes that sound great on Blu-ray and leaves little to be desired.

The interviews are interesting and hard to take your eyes off of as are the intense animation and graphics that the show has. This is a well made production and leaves me wanting to watch and collect all of the other seasons on Blu-ray. Recommended.

- James Harland Lockhart V



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