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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Animation > Anime > Fantasy > Depression > Dog & Scissors: Complete Collection (2013/Sentai/Section 23 DVD)

Dog & Scissors: Complete Collection (2013/Sentai/Section 23 DVD)

Picture: B Sound: B Extras: D Episodes: B+

Kazuhito is the ultimate book lover, he just can't get enough of books. Unfortunately however, he gets killed in a robbery and he dies without being able to finish reading his favorite author's book series, Shinobu Akiyame. But then, fortunately, he gets reincarnated as a dog and not only is his new master his favorite author, yet she can hear his thoughts as well! Now, as Kazuhito gets used to his new life, he also gets the chance to find out what his favorite author is really like and as he tries to inspire her to finish writing her book, they develop the weirdest master and pet relationship.

In Dog & Scissors: Complete Collection (2013), Kazuhito's life has really gone to the dogs (literally), it could be heaven... could be hell. After dieing and reincarnating as canine, he now lives with Kirihime Natsuno, a beautiful, sadistic girl in black with a love of scissors who's really his favorite author. Now, between other rival authors, a masochistic editor, his sister with a brother complex, and a few other girls, his life now seems to be surrounded by beautiful (but crazy) girls. Too bad for the girls however, Kazuhito is more interested in their books than their looks. While Natsuno feels somewhat responsible for Kazuhito's death, she secretly hides the fact that she is also in love with him, but she expresses it to him with sadistic terror and torture, specially when other girls get close to him.

This was a weird but comical anime series, while it is almost like a harem anime (one guy with a ton of girls after him), it had plenty of fan service, including the beach and hot springs episodes. In the end, you have to wonder, would it have made any if much of a difference if the main protagonist was human or dog? In all, this series makes fun of the world of authors, their writing and the fans who follow them.

There are no extras, but the anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image and lossy Dolby Digital sound are once again as good as it gets for Anime on DVD, up to Sentai's high standards.


Every Dog Has His Day - Kazuhito has just died. Now he is a dog, his new life and master is Kirihime Natsuno, aka Shinobu Akiyama, his favorite author.

Strike While the Dog is Hot - Natsuno hunts down Kazuhito's killer, and Kazuhito must decided to let him live or die.

The Winter Dog Flies into the Fire - Kazuhito meets Natsuno's hyper masochistic editor (who can also hear him talk) and she asks him to help Natsuno get out of her writing slump.

Drowning Men Clutch at Dogs - Kazuhito's little sister Madoka shows up and Natsuno believes Madoka is behind a series of mysterious slashers.

Nothing Ventured, No Dog Gained - Madoka and Natsuno fights over who has rights to own Kazuhito.

Rain Settles the Dog - Kazuhito helps a little girl come to terms with her book seller sister when she believes the bookstore will be forced to close and them separated.

The Dog Would Not Be Shot But For It's Cries - Natsuno loses her favorite black bra and asks Kazuhito to use his dog instinct to sniff it out.

Dogs In Moderation - Kazuhito and Natsuno go the the hot springs, somehow all the other girls are there too.

There is No Smoke Without Dog - An extra book appears in Natsuno's collection, and Kazuhito and Natsuno tracks it down to another novelist's rival daughter.

Time Flies Like a Dog - Kazuhito finds out his super depressive classmate is another famous author and she made a promise to him when he was live, Natsuno find out she has another rival.

A Dog By Chance is Preordained - Kazuhito runs from Madoka's mad cooking skills.

Dog and Scissors Require Good Handling - As Natsuno gets ready for her public debut and future plans she gets drunk, and fantasies about marriage and family with Kazuhito and throws up on him. Next day, Kazuhito reminds her to finish her book first.

- Ricky Chiang


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