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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Anime > Fantasy > Supernatural > Japan > TV > Devil Survivor 2: Complete Collection (2013/Sentai Filmworks DVD)

Devil Survivor 2: Complete Collection (2013/Sentai Filmworks DVD)

Picture: B Sound: B- Extras: C Episodes: B+

Japan is under suddenly attacked by demons and beings know as 'Septentriones'. It seems like the end of the world, their only hope lies in the Devil Summoners, people who have made pacts with demons and can control their powers. Hibiki, Daichi and Nitta were normal high school students until they found out they could summon demons through their cell phones, now the fate of the world lies in their hand, but through love and loss can they find the strength and the will to fight various forces, humans and demon alike?

In Devil Survivor 2: the Complete Collection, what Hibiki, Daichi and Nitta thought was cellphone game application soon turned into a nightmare, that they received future pictures predicting their deaths and could summon demons. Hibiki in particular could summon extremely rare and power demons. They are suddenly then recruited by JPs, a secret society lead by Yamato, who knew of this coming apocalypse, that humanity must defeat 7 Septentriones, a test for mankind, if they lose all existence would be erased, if they win the will meet the creator of their world, Polaris and remake their world. They are guided by the mysterious benefactor Alcor who seems not to play either sides, but yet somehow he always knows everything.

This series would definitely fall into what people would consider survival series, where the main characters are placed into various survival situations where they must choose and make hard choices between saving themselves, their friends or others. The main conflict however wasn't between man and demons, but the various humans in power, each trying to via for control of others through force, political power, or other manipulations.

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image and the lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo play as good as they are going to in this format, but a Blu-ray version will also available, so those who have a machine might want to get that edition instead. Extras include clean opening and closing animations, and trailers.


Melancholy Sunday - An accident occurs and Hibiki, Daichi and Nitta wake up to find they are now demon summoners and the world has gone to hell.

Monday of Upheaval I - Hibiki is recruited by JPs, who wants to use his power in the oncoming war.

Monday of Upheaval II - The city's defense grid is being hacked.

Monday of Upheaval III - The city's barriers fails and the Septentriones begin their invasion.

Tuesday of Turbulence I - Hibiki is taken by human insurgents who are anti JPs for keep secrets from the common people.

Tuesday of Turbulence II - The insurgents base is attacked, and proving they are just as ineffective as the government.

Wednesday of Transformations I - The insurgents and JPs call for a truce, and must work together and defeat the Septentriones.

Wednesday of Transformations II - Hibiki and his friends work together with the JPs and the insurgents to simultaneity defeat 3 Septentriones at the same time, but the insurgents gets wiped out.

Thursday of Shock - Hibiki learns of who and what Alcor really is.

Friday of Farewells - Nitta is forced to sacrifice herself to save everyone, but when Hibiki finds out, he decides to find another way.

Saturday of Variances - JPs fights the last Septentriones, while Hibiki is still in a coma.

Sunday of Realization I - Yamato fights Alcor for the right to meet Polaris.

Sunday of Realization II - The world has ended, and Hibiki fights Yamato to decide who will remake the world.

- Ricky Chiang


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