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The Man Show - Season Two


Picture: B-†††Sound: B-†††Extras: C+†††Episodes: B



Out of all the shows to ever hit the air, The Man Show has to be one of the most ridiculous, degrading, offensive, obscene, and above all elseÖfunny!Why would a show like this become a success and even more than that, why does it have a large following of women viewers?My theory is pretty simple and it goes back to men reading Cosmopolitan Magazine, which is essentially a magazine targeted towards women, by it also happens to be read by men as well, but only in private as no man would admit they read the publication.That is not to say that all men read it, but a few tend to nose their way through the pages because they are trying to understand the opposite sex better, which is the same with The Man Show and the viewers that watch it.


Of course this is not a show that intends on teaching any lessons, but it cracks jokes about the way the typical male behaves and indulges itself on the things that women tend to criticize men for the most, whether it be too much beer, too much sex, or just too many gross habits in general.The show has honesty going for it, which makes a statement about the current situation in our society today that says the average male is pretty mediocre and not necessarily the strong character that he should be.


By the shows second season it was pretty much holding very little back when it came to its content and became more outrageous as time went on.It became a contest to see just how far it could go, which in the end became a little too much, but thatís what drives the ratings these days.Look at how other shows try to compete when it comes to outrageousness.We are living in a sad modern world, which indulges itself on crudeness and we are becoming too comfortable being mediocre and are too satisfied with being lazy.This is a generalization, but with the world moving at its current rate we hardly have time to control the snowball effect that we have created with just about everything.


One thing that certainly can be said about The Man Show is that it can be addicting, especially on DVD because you have all the control over how many episodes that you watch, plus they donít have those commercials in between.This makes the viewing experience all the more pleasurable.You can certainly see how the show attempts to almost be like an upgraded version of Benny Hill, but adds the two hosts (Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corrola), who consider themselves the epitome of the average man.Their skits range between quite brilliant to really pathetic in certain cases, but at least they are trying something new here and there to add flavor to the show.


The Man Show Season Two DVD box set is broken into six discs, which cover the entire season.This is better than what they did with the first season, which was have it broken into two separate volumes.Here we have the entire season into one box, and disc six is a bonus disc with mostly outtakes and other material that did not make it into any of the shows.The presentation maintains the intended TV aspect ratio of 1.33 X 1 and holds up a tad better on the DVD format.A show like this produces many skits that go along with the in studio work, so it bounces back and forth a bit, which means that the quality ranges from good studio lighting and sound to average off set material, depending on what the situation is. The audio is in Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo and works as good as the show allows for.


Certainly if you are a fan of this show you are going to love having it onto DVD for the longevity of owning it on a format that allows easy access to certain episodes and maintains its quality over time.Since Adam and Jimmy have moved on and the show has new hosts, some are more eager to keep the ones with those two because they were the founding force behind the shows popularity and success.The episodes are broken down quite nicely and chapter stopped in good places for you to access your favorite parts very quickly and smoothly, which is a nice bonus and the extra disc provides some content that you have no other way of seeing outside of this set.A must have for any fan.For those that are new to the show, this might be a good place to start because once you do the show has this bizarre effect of making you want more.Itís like a disease that you arenít even sure if itís a good thing or bad and the only cure is more of it!



-†† Nate Goss


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