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Wolf Creek 2 (2013/Image DVD)

Picture: B Sound: B Extras: C Film: B

I was a bit taken aback when watching Wolf Creek 2, I was expecting a cheaply made direct to video sequel but was delightfully surprised at the film's acting, direction, and overall production value being pretty dang good! But what really makes the film work is John Jarratt who is reprising his role as Mick Taylor from the first film. His acting is spot on, being at one moment a trustworthy Australian guy to a fierce and relentless killer. The opening scene of the film is a real attention grabber and is pretty brutal. This is not a film for the squeamish but a bloodthirsty genre film that caters more to the Hostel or Hatchet level moviegoers. This reason is probably why the film didn't go very wide here in America.

In North Western Australia, highway patrol officers Gary Bulmer and Brian O'Connor are parked behind a sign desperate to fine someone. Mick Taylor drives past and they pull him over, claiming he went over the normal speed, although their radar proves he is under the speed limit. When he receives a ticket, Mick vengefully decapitates O'Connor with a perfectly placed long-range shot, causing the squad car to crash into a ditch off to the side of the road. Despite Bulmer's pleas, Mick knives him in the back before packing Bulmer back into the crashed police car, and douses him and the car in petrol, lighting the blaze with a lit cigarette.

A young German couple, Rutger and Katarina, hitch a ride to Wolfe Creek Crater and camp nearby. In the middle of the night, Mick is driving nearby and sees their tent in the distance. While Rutger and Katarina flirt, Mick drives up to the tent and offers them a lift so they don't get charged by the authorities for camping in a national park. When his plan fails, Mick loses his temper and attacks them, stabbing Rutger in the back as he had done to Bulmer. Mick then attempts to tie down and rape Katarina, but is attacked by a still alive Rutger, only for Mick to get the upper hand and slit the boy's throat, before using his trademark massive bowie to saw away at the young German's neck, decapitating Rutger. Katarina faints and later wakes up to see Mick cutting up Rutger's body then flees into the bush, pursued by Mick.

British surfer Paul is driving along the highway when he sees Katarina standing on the road in distress. He lets her into the car trying to help, but Mick gives chase in his truck and eventually accidentally shoots Katarina dead in Paul's car when Paul miraculously ducks the shot from Mick's high powered rifle. Paul manages to escape. The next day, Paul reaches the highway, but realizes he has little fuel left in his car. He sees a semi-trailer in the distance, but realizes Mick has hijacked it. Paul eventually manages to evade Mick by driving off the road and down a steep hillside. Mick vainly attempts to finish Paul off by allowing the semi-trailer (without him in it) to crash down the hill and explode both vehicles, but Paul manages to escape harm and flees.


After some time, Paul comes upon an outback cottage and is given hospitality by elderly couple Jack and Lil. They plan to take Paul to town, but Mick intrudes and shoots both Samaritans with Jack's own Lee-Enfield No.1 MkIII. Paul flees for his life while Mick gives chase on a horse, later succeeding in capturing Paul.

Paul wakes up in Mick's dungeon, Zip-tied up to a chair. Before Mick can torture him, Paul decides to tell some jokes and sing some Australian songs, showing his knowledge in Australian culture that manages to win Mick over. Impressed, Mick says he will let Paul go if they have an Australian pop quiz. The torturous "game" ensues, in which Paul loses his first finger after failing to answer the third question "correctly", or to Mick's satisfaction, but when faced with the final question in regards to a famous Australian cricketer, cleverly manages to get his hand nearest to a claw hammer free by claiming to not know anything about Cricket, and after a few wrong guesses, begs Mick to take the second finger from his yet-to-be-mutilated hand. Paul is then informed that since he cost Mick his newest plaything, Katarina, Paul can take his place, implying months of rape and torture. Paul hits Mick with the hammer, before giving the correct answer...

For the rest, you'll have to see it, but it has more going for it than I ever expected.

Picture and sound are standard for DVD - featuring an anamorphically enhanced 2.35 X 1 widescreen presentation and a lossy Dolby 5.1 audio track. I'm sure the Blu-ray release, which also has a director's cut of the film which I'm curious to check out, is a huge improvement. Extras on the disc are few and far between featuring a Director's Commentary, Deleted Scenes, and The Making of Wolf Creek 2.

All in all, if you are a fan of splatter or torture films then this is the movie for you. I would compare it to the Devil's Rejects in terms of style and violent level.

- James Harland Lockhart V



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