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Category:    Home > Reviews > Martial Arts Cycle > Action > Revenge > China > Hong Kong > Dragonwolf (2013/Well Go USA Blu-ray)

Dragonwolf (2013/Well Go USA Blu-ray)

Picture: C+ Sound: C+ Extras: D Film: D

Julius and Mozart are the two most deadliest hitmen living in Devil's Cauldron, they are respected and feared by all, but when both of them fall for the same woman, it becomes brother against brother. As they fight for love, honor and revenge, they'll drag the whole city down with them if they have to. Julius and Mozart both grew up in the streets of Devil's Cauldron, a city of vice, stealing and killing in the streets in Raimund Huber's Dragonwolf (2013).

The only thing they respect is each other, but when they are both seduced by the same woman and pitted against one another. As both Julius and Mozart are reluctant to fight each other, their lackies however feel no such reservations and are eager to try and earn a reputation for themselves. In the end, after fighting through the entire triad, the face each other in one epic combat on the rooftops of Devil's Cauldron.

This film was not that great, while the fight scenes were real, the action was slow and obviously fake. The whole story plot of blood brother vs. blood brother was weak, mafia members are players, they are never the ones being played. Guys talk, and 2 brothers should of figure they were being played by the same woman. The only plus side was the film had a lot topless Asian girls in the background for eye candy.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image is an HD shoot that is as disappointing as the lossless DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 mix here, continuing the amateur look and feel of the whole affair. There are no extras.

- Ricky Chiang


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