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Category:    Home > Reviews > Fantasy > Comedy > Animation > Role Playing Games > The Regular Show Complete Third Season (2012/Cartoon Network/Warner DVD Set)

The Regular Show - Complete Third Season (2012/Cartoon Network/Warner DVD Set)

Picture: B Sounds: B- Extras: C Episodes: A-

Now available on a 3-Disc DVD set, all 39 episodes of The Regular Show's 3rd Season are available here. Now 5 seasons in, The Regular Show has become a Cartoon Network standout and a fan favorite; a standard that all other animated series on the network aspire to accomplish. With it mixed comic styling that infuses deadpan humor with outlandish insanity much like that of a buddy-flick coupled with an acid trip; The Regular Show manages to create a unique viewing experience that is not only memorable, but will have you laughing from beginning to end.

The carefully constructed Third Season has Mordecai the Blue Jay (voiced by JG Quintel) and Rigby the Raccoon (voiced by William Salyers) up to their old tricks as they inadvertently (?) terrorize the grounds of a city park. The series perseveration with '80s/'90s pop culture continues this season as viewers sit back and enjoy blatant, as well covert references to such things as Kung Fu/Action films, comedy classics like Weekend at Bernie's, horror films like Child's Play, and countless sci-fi homages.

The slapstick antics of the gang are amped up from previous two seasons, using more suggestive language, mild violence, and double entendres; maintaining the family friendly PG atmosphere, keeping the series endearing while pushing comedic and creative boundaries.

The 39 episodes this season include:

  1. Stick Hockey

  2. Bet to be Blonde

  3. Skips Strikes

  4. Terror Tales of the Park

  5. Camping can be Cool

  6. Slam Dunk

  7. Cool Bikes

  8. House Rules

  9. Rap it Up

  10. Cruisin

  11. Under the Hood

  12. Weekend at Benson's

  13. Fortune Cookie

  14. Think Positive

  15. Skips vs. Technology

  16. Buttdial

  17. Eggscellent

  18. Gut Model

  19. Video Game Wizards

  20. Big Winner

  21. The Best Burger in the World

  22. Replaced

  23. Trash Boat

  24. Fists of Justice

  25. Yes Dude Yes

  26. Busted Cart

  27. Dead at Eight

  28. Access Denied

  29. Muscle Mentor

  30. Trucker Hall of Fame

  31. Out of Commission

  32. Fancy Restaurant

  33. Diary

  34. The Best VHS in the World

  35. Prankless

  36. Death Bear

  37. Fuzzy Dice

  38. Sugar Rush

  39. Bad Kiss

While it is nice to see Season 3 available on home video, the fact remains it did not receive the same treatment as Seasons 1 & 2. The first two seasons received impeccable handling, released on High Definition Blu-ray with a host of extras. Here we find Season 3 released in a standard definition 1.78 X 1 anamorphic widescreen that while crisp, clean, and clear without compression issues, it does not compare to the previously released Blu-ray set. The audio is a lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo that comes heavily from the front, but again remains clear. The surrounds are not used as effectively as they could have been for this high energy series.

Extras are few this time around and include:

  • JG Answers Why [featurette]

  • Characters Come to Life: Live Episode Read

  • 4 Things you Didn't Know About JG

  • Commentary Tracks [best extras!!]

    • In the House

    • Rap it Up

    • Weekend at Benson's

    • Creepy Doll

    • Eggscellent

    • Yes Dude Yes

    • Trash Boat

    • Fuzzy Dice

    • Bad Kiss

  • Michael P. Dougherty II


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