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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Urban > Comedy > Drama > African American > Political > Hip Hop > Animation > The Boondocks - The Complete 4th Season (2014/Sony DVD Set)

The Boondocks - The Complete 4th Season (2014/Sony DVD Set)

Picture: B Sound: B Extras: C- Episodes: C

After a long hiatus The Boondocks returned to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim with much fanfare. Like many Adult Swim series (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture Bros, Super Jail, etc.) it was always uncertain if The Boondocks was going to return with new episodes; with continually clashing updates from creators, the network, and even fan site. So fans were elated when it was officially announced that The Boondocks would get new episodes. Unfortunately The Boondocks that fans came to know and love over the first three seasons took an odd change of direction in its 4th Season; no longer embodying the deep rooted (at times dark) sociopolitical humor that it once had, instead almost becoming a caricature of itself. In its place was a series that thought it was giving fans what they wanted; instead of actually delivering.

Right off the bat, fans can see the series is in trouble as series creator Aaron McGruder is gone; no longer touted as creator or writer on these episodes. Moving forward fans are not treated to the 15-episode run we were accustomed to, shortened to a presumptuous and garbled 10-episode season. For those unfamiliar with The Boondocks people may view the series as dry and preachy; but its true agenda has always been tongue in cheek sociopolitical commentary or satire. Whereas the series characters may seemingly be on a soapbox or even at times uncomfortably political; it was consistently self-aware with satire being the a means to convey its unique/intelligent brand of comedy.

Season 4 seems to miss the boat as the season as a whole is NOT particularly funny; destroying that fine balance of political satire and comedy. Instead, we are subjected to a barrage of preachy, social commentaries that are not funny, nor whole heartedly effective. The episodes never ease the sociopolitical tensions with comedy and satire, but instead host hours of uncomfortable moments that certainly have Aaron McGruder shaking his head.

Once again the creators/writers of these episodes seemed lost, with each episode banking on standout characters from the past (like Uncle Ruckus) to (ineffectively) carry the episode. Whereas these characters were solid gold in moderation in previous episodes; here they felt forced and distracting.

The Boondocks is a great series that should have remained a three season run; unfortunately sometimes it is hard to let it go.

The technical features on this DVD set are actually some of the only shining moments. The picture is stunningly well done here on DVD with the great artwork/visuals of The Boondocks continuing even in a lackluster season. The anamorphically enhanced picture is crisp, clean, and clear with a mostly Autumn-like color palette utilized and bursts of color shining through. The image is a 16 x 9 composition that displays like art and is one of the only components true to the first 3 seasons. The sound is a lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 track that is solid; getting the job done in a clean concise manner. The sound utilizes all speakers and the series use of music is nicely displayed here.

There are 2 extras:

  • Boondocks Beats

      Discussing the music used in the series

  • Writers' Perspective

      A short featurette that mildly discusses creating some of the 4th season episodes

    - Michael P. Dougherty II


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