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Garfield As Himself (TV)


Picture: C-†††† Sound: C-†††† Extras: D†††† Program: B+



With the release of the new, yet disappointing Garfield the Movie, Fox has decided to go back and collect three short Garfield films and put them together in a single disc DVD collection called Garfield As Himself.The three short films include Garfield on the Town, Here Comes Garfield, and Garfield Gets a Life, which are all based on the sketched in the earlier books from Jim Davis.These were originally TV specials, which have not been on in quite some time and even Garfield the TV show has been off the air for years, which might get itís second wind with the new explosion hitting because of the new film.Sadly enough, the new film does no justice for the true Garfield, but hopefully people will go back to the series and watch the lovable fat cat as he should be seenÖ NOT DIGITAL!


I know as being a fan of Garfield I was excited to see these since itís been quite some time and having them on DVD, well need I say more?However, I was a bit disappointed with the overall presentation with this release and it seems like a rush job to get the material onto DVD, which is not acceptable.First we have the DVD presented in the materials original 1.33 X 1 full frame aspect ratio, which is lacking in much detail and the colors are all over the place.Usually it is harder to critique certain animated features because colors can range just due to the artist and the original source, which makes the presentation inconsistent, but the problem here seems to be a poor transfer in general.


What you will quickly notice is the color scheme is very bright and vibrant, which is fine, but colors tend to bleed as well, especially the redís and the orange on Garfield, which bleeds into the black or other colors such as background blues or greens.Audio is yet another problem as the programs are only in mono, which is Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, but contains a lot of static and extra noise, especially once characters start talking, which is a sign that this is a problem in the original source and that is in need of cleaning before a decent transfer can be done of the audio track.


Most fans will just be glad to have this material on a format like DVD, but might be slightly disappointed with the overall presentation the lack of extras as well.This is a nice starting point for kids or younger adults not familiar with Garfield, but this is not the stopping point since a lot of other material exists out there as well for your entertainment dollar.



- ††Nate Goss


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