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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Anime > Action > Adventure > Drama > Science Fiction > Pirates > Space Ships > Fantasy > Japan > T > Bodacious Space Pirates: Complete Collection (2012/Section 23/Sentai Blu-ray)

Bodacious Space Pirates: Complete Collection (2012/Section 23/Sentai Blu-ray)

Picture: B Sound: B+ Extras: C- Episodes: B+

In the future, the Galactic Empire has expanded throughout the universe, absorbing various star systems into it's empire, but the colonies resisted and formed independent governments. Independent captains began banded together to forming a meager, but powerful fleet and began attacking and robbing Empires vessels and later became know as the Space Pirates. Their efforts greatly contributed to the freedom of frontier planets. Hundreds of years later, they continue their legacies in Bodacious Space Pirates: Complete Collection (2012).

Marika was just a normal girl (OK, maybe not so normal) attending a girls space academy and working in a maid cafe, until she found out she was the daughter of a Pirate Lord and her mom is a Pirate Queen. Now she finds out she not only inherits their legacy, but her father's spaceship the Bentenmaru and her crew, but is she ready to become Captain of the legendary space pirates? As she and her classmates learn more about her heritage, the learn how to pilot a pirate ship and handle their 'jobs'. But like everything piracy ...it's in her blood.

This series was like a mix of high school girls with space pirates. The pirates in this series are good guys, they rob rich cruise liners for the insurance companies, and take on odd jobs. The pirates are the very symbol of freedom and independence against the capitalism and unions. The main character is a happy go lucky girl, and with the support a few princesses, pirates, extremely wealthy classmates, nothing can stop these young female space pirates.

The 1080i 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image is really good, if not the best of the many great Sentai releases, but I liked the lossless DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo even more with its warmth, clarity, fullness and Pro Logic-like surrounds when engaged. Extras include clean opening and closing animation.


Pirates Coming Through - Marika finds out she is to become a pirate captain.

My Power, the Power of Pirates - As Marika and her yacht club prepare for a trip, they find out their ship is being hacked.

The Odetto II Leaves Port - As the Odetto leaves space dock, their first major problem is their solar sails malfunctions and does not deploy.

The Final Battle is at Midnight - The girls pit their wits with a 'ghost ship' that has followed them.

Marika Makes a Decision - The girls enter their first ship battle, but how will they fight back with out any weapons?

Marika's First Day at Work - Marika begins learning how to be a space pirate captain and gets her letter of marque.

The Peace Does Not Last - Marika tries to balance her school girl life and pirate life.

The Princess and the Pirate - Bentenmaru's stowaway turns out to be a Princess who has a job for them. To find the Golden Ghost Ship.

A Beautiful Launch - Marika finds out the Golden Ghost Ship is really an ancient colony ship warping in and out of sub-space.

Battle in the Storm - As the Bentenmaru chases after the Golden Ghost Ship, they realize they are not the only ones after it.

Wanderer of Light - Marika and the crew somehow manages to board the Ghost ship and find it's treasures.

A Return From Eternity - The Bentenmaru returns the colony ship to real space.

Marika Sends an Invitation - Marika invites the Serenity Princess to her home.

Marika Goes Recruiting - When the crew of the Bentenmaru gets sick, Marika searches for a temporary crew.

Smuggling, Leaving Port and a Leap - Marika decides to hire the Girl's Yacht Club to pilot the Bentenmaru.

The Hakuoh Pirates First Job - The Girl's Yacht Club rob their first liner ...in cosplay.

A Surprising Client - The Bentenmaru is hired to kidnap the former yacht club president from a loveless and political marriage.

We'll Have Juice at the After Party - The Bentenmaru fights off the Huges and Dolittle fleet.

The Bonds Among the Four - It's spring cleaning and time to clean up the ships.

The Captain Rides the Waves - The girls get ready to enter a dingy race.

Final Battle at the Nebula Cup - The Bentenmaru gets hired to prevent any cheating at the race, but someone is after Marika.

Pirate Hunting - Something is hunting the pirates down one by one.

Head for the Pirates Nest - The pirates are summon to the legendary pirates cove, but...

The Wounded Benten - The Bentenmaru barely escapes the pirate hunter, the Grand Cross.

The Pirates Council Begins - At the gathering of pirates Marika challenges the Captain of the Grand Cross to a fair fight.

There Goes the Pirates - It's a showdown between the Grand Cross and the Bentenmaru.

- Ricky Chiang


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