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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Supernatural > The Devil Incarnate (2013/Image Entertainment DVD)

The Devil Incarnate (2013/Image Entertainment DVD)

Picture: B Sound: B Extras: D Film: C

Newlyweds Holly and Trevor Davidson are driving to Miami for their honeymoon. On the way they make a stop at one of the tourist attractions in Cassadaga, a place famed for its psychics. After being directed by a local man on where to find the best place for a tarot card reading, the couple go to the home of the crazy Vjestica, who screams at Holly and frightens her badly, causing the pair to run from the woman's house. At this point, Holly isn't aware she's pregnant, but after the scary encounter, things start to go badly for Holly and the unborn baby. Holly also inexplicably starts acting strangely towards Trevor's family with Trevor's younger sister Marissa capturing everything on videotape.

J. Gustavo Cooper's The Devil Incarnate (2013) opens with Marissa in a police station being questioned by cops and on the table in between them is the video-camera. A tearful Marissa tells the story of how her brother and his wife end up in their predicament. Trevor asked Marissa to record a lot of the events, like the baby shower and basic family stuff so the film is a mix of hand-held and standard footage, which blend together decently well but add a level of staged unrealism to the piece as a whole.

As Holly begins to act more bizarrely and progressively worse by the day, and doing things like feeling up her Father-in-law's privates, plus attacking her Aunt who turned up unannounced to the baby shower, the gay Marissa also has a huge crush on Holly. When the girls have the obligatory lesbian scene together, Holly starts talking in a weird language that totally freaks Marissa out. Marissa finally gets through to Trevor that there's something connected to their stop at Cassadaga that's causing the problem, however, when they drive out to try and find Vjestica's house, it appears to be gone. Trevor finds the man who directed them there in the first place and ends up enlisting his help to try to stop hell on earth!

The image and sound are standard for DVD with a lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 track and a standard definition transfer in anamorphic widescreen 2.40:1 aspect ratio. Total run time for the film is a short 76 minutes.

No extras are on the disc.

- James Harland Lockhart V



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