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Category:    Home > Reviews > Fantasy > Comedy > Animation > Role Playing Games > Adventure Time The Complete Fourth Season (2013/Warner Blu-ray Set)

Adventure Time - The Complete Fourth Season (2013/Warner Blu-ray Set)

Picture: A- Sound: B Extras: B Episodes: B+

In Adventure Time: The Complete Fourth Season we continue to follow the imaginative adventure of Jake the Dog (voiced by John DiMaggio) and his human companion Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada). As they travel through the odd and magical Land of Ooo, Finn and Jake encounter a host of creatures that they must battle through or befriend.

Again this season we have a host of familiar faces including the likes of The Ice King (voiced by Tom Kenny), Princess Bubblegum (voiced by Hynden Walch), and Marceline the Vampire Queen [who is featured on the Blu-ray's cover this time around] (voiced by Olivia Olson). This season also (again) features the series' main antagonist [the Lich] voiced by Ron Perlman.

Though the writers and creator of the series have suggested that it has gotten increasingly difficult to continuously produce new, fresh, imaginative ideas for the series, there is no evidence on the screen of these trials and tribulations as the series is as great (if not better) as ever. The series is out there... way, way out there! It has never yielded to the conventions of logic, nor adhered to a continuity that would limit its options; instead embracing controlled chaos to make creative lunacy a realization.

Whereas the creators speak of development troubles, audiences everywhere continue to sing Adventure Time's praises as it has grown from an oddball series about a boy and his dog-friend into an inexplicably inventive voyage of character development and personality. Season Four is the BEST season to date, without a single bad episode. Sure, some are better than others, but this season treats us to some of the best episodes yet; finally showcasing the multidimensionality of the characters. This is to say the writers fleshed out the existing characters, while adding another layer to the series with the addition of an outlandish supporting cast.

For those looking to find some of your favorite episodes; this season's episodes include:

  1. Hot to Touch

  2. 5 Short Graybles

  3. Web Weirdos

  4. Dream of Love

  5. Return of the Nightosphere (Part 1)

  6. Daddy's Little Monster (Part 2)

  7. In your Footsteps

  8. Hug Wolf

  9. Princess Monster Wife

  10. Goliad

  11. Beyond this Earthly Realm

  12. Gotcha!

  13. Princess Cookie

  14. Card Wars

  15. Son of Mars

  16. Burning Low

  17. BMO Noire

  18. King Worm

  19. Lady and Peebles

  20. You Made Me

  21. Who Would Win

  22. Ignition Point

  23. The Hard Easy

  24. Reign of Gunters

  25. I Remember You

  26. The Lich (Part 1)

For a look at our review of the first 2 seasons of Adventure Time (also available on Blu-ray); please refer to the link below:


Concerning the technical features, Season 4 is again presented in a superb (near perfect) 1080p VC-1 encoded, MPEG-4, 1.78 X 1 widescreen. The picture is crisp and clean with bright colors and inky black levels. The animation remains on the reserved side and the outline of characters can be a bit rough, but again intentional and not criticisms of the Blu-ray's transfer. The banding issues noticed on for Seasons 1 & 2 seem to be absent here. The sound is simplistic as it again (oddly) is presented in a lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo presentation. The stereo does come through clearly without issues; but for such a lively series I expect more.

Extras include:

  • Commentaries on all episodes by Cast/Crew

  • Distant Bands: The Music of Adventure Time

- Michael P. Dougherty II


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