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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Melodrama > TV > Holiday > Telefilms > Cedar Cove - Season One/A Golden Christmas: Triple Feature (2014/Hallmark Channel/Cinedigm DVDs)

Cedar Cove - Season One/A Golden Christmas: Triple Feature (2014/Hallmark Channel/Cinedigm DVDs)

Picture: B-/C Sound: C/B- Extras: C/D Main Programs: A-/B+

Cedar Cove is a small town with a big hearts. Judge Olivia Lockhart presides over the town settling legal matters and keeps the peace. Everything is picture perfect and all the people are treated like family, but things start heating up for Olivia when Jack Griffith, a former Philadelphia Reporter moves into town as Cedar Cover's new newspaper reporter. As Jack gets used to small town life, he learns no news that is too small and the value of family and friends.

Jack moves into Cedar Cove to cover the town news, but what he finds is the most exciting news seems to be the weekly bake sale, but he meets the town Judge, Olivia Lockhart and they begin an unlikely romantic relationship between a Judge and a reporter. Along with the pillars of the community they strive to keep Cedar Cove beautiful and peaceful, but town peace is constantly threatened by Warren, the richest man/landowner/developer of Cedar Cove, also whom Olivia's daughter is dating from time to time (and she has no idea of how corrupt he is). Often Olivia must find the balance between their love lives, the law and what is right for her family and their community.

This was a wonderful heartwarming series, but after a few episodes it seems like no one in town is married, you either are a single adult or wealthy divorcee (it makes you wonder if Hallmark is saying being a single parent is now the American norm or does this course it somehow?). And as for a small town, it seems like everyone can 'somehow' afford and is living in million dollar houses. Half the drama in the series is about the characters not being able to make up their minds on which person they want to date, and it gets more complicated when their daughters/mothers gets involved and starts gossiping and then the truth gets mixed up. Most the episodes are resolved when someone admits their mistakes and then the couples kiss and make up.

Extras includes behind the scenes and trailers.

Then... Get ready for a triple feature of Christmas dogs with all 3 Golden Christmas as these dogs worm their way into your hearts and home. It is a dog gone Christmas as these dogs help bring Christmas cheer and couples together, perfect for the season holiday.

A Golden Christmas - A young boy and girl are brought together by a golden retriever and bury a time capsule together. Years later when they are grown up they are reunited (unknown to each other of course), can the golden retriever remind them of the memories they once shared?

A Golden Christmas 2: The Second Tail - Lisa's 3 golden retriever puppies reunite her with her ex-boyfriend Jake just as he proposes to another girl, but is there still hope for her or will Lisa watch the man of her dreams be taken by another girl?

Home For Christmas: A Golden Christmas 3 - Heather is a theater major and Bobby is a sailor that just came back into port. 2 high school friends that are suddenly reunited by their golden retrievers, they are jaded by their pasts, but can these two unlikely duo end up falling in love?

If you like dogs and Christmas then look no further. It seems like all romance needs are dogs to constantly have random meetings between the lucky couple. It was a comedy romance where the golden retrievers get to play Christmas cupids. In all it was very cute and makes you think if you want romance for Christmas, go buy yourself a puppy and Mr./Mrs. Right will show up soon after.

No extras for these telefilms, but all sets have 1.78 X 1 anamorphically enhanced images and lossy Dolby Digital sound. The telefilms are too soft versus the TV series, but that sounds weaker in comparison to the telefilms with their endless holiday music and need to fill out sound where silence would have worked better.

- Ricky Chiang


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