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Category:    Home > Reviews > Fantasy > Animation > Adventure > Magic > Battles > Mythology > TV > Legend Of Korra: Book Three - Change (2014/Nickelodeon Blu-ray)

Legend Of Korra: Book Three - Change (2014/Nickelodeon Blu-ray)

Picture: A Sound: B Extras: C Episodes: A-

A new age begins after Korra decides to leave the portals to the spirit world open and mankind should co-exist with the spirit world, but not everyone is happy with her decision, along with the new spirits, new airbenders also start appearing. Korra and Tenzin starts rebuilding the Air Nation. But danger is never far when 4 criminal master benders escapes from prison and have their own future plans for the Avatar in Legend Of Korra: Book Three - Change (2014) on the latest high grade Blu-ray set from Nickelodeon.

The Legend of Korra continues to grows as she continues to be the Avatar to bring balance to the world. While there is tentative peace between the elemental benders and the non benders, it is still a completely different story for when it comes to humans and spirits. And with the appearance of new airbenders the political powers shift on the already strained relationships between humans and non humans, but along with the new airbenders, Korra learns not all airbenders are good, and not all airbenders are welcomed by the rest of the world. Specially the anarchist Zaheer and his criminal companions who want to use their powers to destroy all leaders and world governments.

The series continues to be a wonderful fantasy show filled with elemental powers mixed with Asian arts and cultures (granted their Chinese can use improving). The character Korra is the only person who can master all 4 elements and seeks to bring balance and peace to the nations. The series is reflective and symbolically shows people's prejudice against those who they believe are different or superior. Great nations can be created by great leaders, but it's leaders and governments afterwards only care about their own nation's 'greatness' and needs afterwards, instead of becoming an example to the world they usually become corrupt and forget the policies that their nation was founded on. Picture and sound are as solid as the previous sets reviewed elsewhere on this site, while extras this time include commentaries and the Spirit of an Episode featurette.


A Breath of Fresh Air - Korra discovers after the Harmonic Convergence things have changed and there is a new power in the bending world.

Rebirth - With new airbenders appearing Korra and Team Avatar seek to start rebuilding the Air Nation.

The Earth Queen - Team Avatar travels to Ba Sing Se and discover not only are all the air benders are missing, there is a great class difference between the rich and the poor.

In Harm's Way - Korra discover the Earth Queen is turning the airbenders into slaves for her own private army and she decides to free them.

The Metal Clan - Team Avatar heads towards the Metal clan to find the next air bender and Beifong is reunited with her half sister.

Old Wounds - Beifong faces her past and why she broke her off from her family.

Original Airbenders - Tenzin takes the new recruits through airbender bootcamp.

The Terror Within - Zaheer and his group tries to kidnap Korra.

The Stakeout - Korra learns about Zaheer and why he wants to destroy the world... and her.

Long Live the Queen - Korra and Asami crash lands in the desert while Zaheer kills the Earth Queen and stages a revolution.

The Ultimatum - Mako and Bolin deliver Zaheer's ominous message to Korra, surrender to him or he will kill all the new airbenders.

Enter the Void - In order to save the airbenders Korra gives in to Zaheer's demands and learn what he has in store for her.

Venom of the Red Lotus - Korra battles Zaheer, but her life is forever changed afterwards.

- Ricky Chiang


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