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Category:    Home > Reviews > Western > Drama > TV > Gunsmoke: 11th Season - Volumes 1 & 2 (1965 - 1966/CBS DVD Sets)

Gunsmoke: 11th Season - Volumes 1 & 2 (1965 - 1966/CBS DVD Sets)

Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Episodes: B-

Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness) returns again along with Doc, Kitty and Festus to defend Dodge City from the outlaws, robbers, gunslingers and other problems. Almost everyday the Long Branch Saloon turns into the OK Coral, sometimes all justice is, is the fastest gun in the West ...which is Marshal Matt Dillon.

Dillon is a US Marshal for Dodge City, the first and last line of defense for law and order for 100 miles in any direction. More than often he keeps the peace at the Long Branch Saloon from the all drunkards, cattle hands. Kitty is the Long Branch Saloon's owner and sweetheart to Dillon. Doc is one either taking the bullets out of the Marshall or the men that Matt shoots. And Festus is Matt's part time illiterate deputy, but is better know as the town drunkard and either uses Kitty to get free drinks or gets Doc to pay for him. They are joined by new character, Thad, a young new handsome deputy.

Gunsmoke is your classic Western filled with gun fights and cowboy and robber (not too many Indians though) in the wild West. Ironically, it is more often the settlers and cowboys who are more wild and dangerous than the West itself. The West was a time when might makes right, when 'funning' basically meant bullying. Lying, cheating, raping and stealing were second nature to the cowboy of the American West. However only a single US Marshal, stood for the law and protect the innocent. Episodes this time around are...

Seven Hours To Dawn - Dodge City gets taken over by a gang of robbers and Matt is shot and left for dead.

The Storm - A man is accused of murdering his partner, but Matt discovers is was the sons of one if his good friend.

Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood - A deputy from Oklahoma chases 4 vandals to Dodge City, but the warrant for them no longer applies.

Ten Little Indians - Some puts a bounty on Matt's head. And bounty hunters are coming out of the wood work for him.

Taps For Old Jeb - 2 old gold miners and 1 bodyguard strike it rich, but next day the gold is missing, who took the gold?

Kidga - An Indian tracks his father killer to Dodge City, but does the white man's laws apply for Indians or does it mean the white man can get away with murder?

The Bounty Hunter - An ex-bounty hunter is hired to commit an illegal murder by a rich man.

The Reward - A con man is released from prison and he wishes to prove his innocence and that he didn't con the people of Dodge City.

Malachi - A drunkard poses as the Marshal to impress his visiting brother, but when trouble shows up in town...

The Pretender - 2 brother are released from prison for cattle rustling, but one of them hasn't given up his thieving ways.

South Wind - A 12 year old boy tracks down his father's murderer to Dodge city.

The Hostage - Matt gets taken as hostage by four escaped cons to cross the Mexican border.

Outlaw Woman - Matt suspects a shot woman was part of a group of outlaws that robbed a train.

The Avengers - Festus kills a man who tried to rape Miss Kitty, but turns out the would be rapist's father is a judge and wants to hang Festus and Kitty for the death of his son.

Gold Mine - Kitty inherits a gold mine, but it is in the middle of hillbilly central.

Death Watch - Matt won't move a prisoner/murder who is mortally wounded until he heals.

Sweet Billy, Singer of Songs - Festus' nephew comes into town looking for a bride.

The Raid (Part 1) - A gang of bank robbers hit Dodge City, but when one of them gets wounded they take Doc away.

The Raid (Part 2) - Matt organizes a posse to chase after the Stark gang rescue Doc.

Killer at Large - Festus is accused of killing a drunk man in an unfair fight.

My Father's Guitar - A traveling guitarist kills a man for threaten his guitar.

Wishbone - Doc gets snakebitten while fishing and faces life and death.

Sanctuary - When an outlaw hides in the church does it mean he has sanctuary?

Honor Before Justice - When an Indian is accused of murder he didn't commit does it mean the law won't try and stop his execution?

The Brothers - A gang robs a town but leave one of their own behind, but the robber's brother is determined to rescue his brother ...at any cost.

Which Doctor - Doc get kidnapped and forced into a shotgun wedding.

Harvest - Matt must settle a land dispute between a local man and a Scottish clan.

Byline - Festus learn all about yellow journalism.

The Treasure of John Walking Rox - An Indian is suspected of knowing the location of buried treasure of a $100,000 and the white man's attitude toward him does a complete 180.

My Father, My Son - An infamous gunslinger comes into town, but his own son wants him dead.

Parson Comes to Town - A preacher comes into town and predicts someone will die soon.

Prime of Life - A young gunslinger kills a man with his girlfriend and then challenges Matt.

The 1.33 X 1 black and white image is not bad, nor is the lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono sound, but they are a little less inconsistent throughout than expected, but play fine otherwise and there are no extras.

- Ricky Chiang


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