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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Action > Fantasy > TV > ThunderCats: The Complete Series (2011 Remake Version/Warner Archive Blu-ray Set)

ThunderCats: The Complete Series (2011 Remake Version/Warner Archive Blu-ray Set)

Picture: A+ Sound: B Extras: D Episodes: A

PLEASE NOTE: This Blu-ray set is now only available from Warner Bros. through their Warner Archive series and can be ordered from the link below.

The ThundercCats once ruled Third Earth, that is until Mumm-ra and the Lizards came and destroyed their kingdom. Now, Prince Lion-O and the remaining ThunderCats journey to recover the Book of Omens and find the stones of power to fight Mumm-ra and his evil armies. As Lion-O learn truth about their past and what it means to be the King of the ThunderCats, he learns there is more to life than just fighting.

Beneath a thin veneer of swords and sorcery, there is hidden a world of high technology within the world of ThunderCats. Lion-O is the brave, but naive young prince who strives avenge the death of his father and rebuild the Kingdom of Thundera. Tygra is Lion-O's adopted big brother who an expert in stealth and tactics but is always competing with Lion-O and questioning his decisions. Cheetara can use super speed and is the object of affection between Lion-O and Tygra. Panthro is their tech expert. Kit and Kat are the thieves of the group. And finally there is Snarf the mascot of the team. Together they help Lion-O mature and become the leader he was destined to be.

I watched the ThunderCats when I was a kid and love the series. This was a beautiful remake of the series with modern animation and a whole new world with a fresh new story. It follows the traditional story of a group of heroes working together to protect the land and it's people from the forces of evil. As the characters grow and mature, each lesson/episode they learn something to help them work together with the different races. It is only a pity and shame that they weren't able to continue to make a second season and it sorta ended on a cliffhanger. The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image is stunning, lossless DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo track rich and warm with Pro Logic-type surrounds, but there are sadly no extras. Hope we get the original 1985 series issued this way.

Episodes here include...

Omens (Part 1) - Lion-O learns there is much he must learn to be king, but he rather learn about things beyond Thundra and forbidden lost technology.

Omens (Part 2) - Thundra and the King falls after being betrayed by Grune. Lion-O, Tygra, and Cheetara manage to escape.

Ramlak Rising - Lion-O learns from a sea captain what happens when he is blinded by his desire for revenge.

Song of the Petalars - The ThunderCats meet the Petalars, a race of plant people who's  life is spent in one day.

Old Friends - The ThunderCats are rescued by Panthero, and he tells his past and how Grune came to betray the ThunderCats.

Journey to the Tower of Omens - As the ThunderCats searches for the Tower of Omens they are tested by various traps.

Legacy - Lion-O learn of their past, the ThunderCats AND the origins of Mumm-ra.

The Duelist and the Drifter - Lion-O learns the sword does not make him a master, but it is the man who makes the sword.

Berbils - The ThunderCats come across a race of cute robot bears who have been enslaved.

Sight beyond Sight - The Elephant monks try to teach Lion-O to see the bigger picture in order to use the Sword of Omen's foresight.

The Forest of Magi Oar - The ThunderCats meet a group of people who claim to be protectors of the forest ...or are they?

Into the Astral Plane - Lion-O learns the next war stone is in the Astral Plane.

Between Brothers - Lion-O and Tygra enter the astral plane and face their worst enemy ...themselves.

New Alliances - Mumm-ra finds new generals that are even more vicious than ever.

Trails of Lion-O (part 1) - Lion-O dies, but the spirit stone test him and gives him a second chance to live.

Trails of Lion-O (part 2) - As Lion-O continues his trials, the ThunderCats try to steal the Sword of Omen back from Mumm-Ra.

Native Son - Tygra learns of what happened to his original clan and how he became part of Lion-O's family.

Survival of the Fittest - Kit and Kat learn about hunting and survival.

The Pit - Lion-O find a ThunderCat fighting in the pits as a gladiator, Pumyra.

Curse of Ratilla - Lion-O must free his people who have been turn into slaves in the mines.

Birth of the Blades - Mumm-ra seeks to reclaim his old sword, the Sword of Plundarr.

The Forever Bag - Kit and Kat finds a group of thieves that has a magic bag that can hold anything.

Recipe for Disaster - The ThunderCats meet a con man with his 'elixers' ...with unexpected results.

The Soul Sever - A mad scientist tries to bridge the gap between man and machine.

What Lies Above (Part 1) - The ThunderCats discover the third stone of power is in a floating city in the sky.

What Lies Above (Part 2) - Mumm-ra attacks the city and the ThunderCats call on all the people they helped along the way.

To order this Warner Archive Blu-ray set, go to this link for it and many more great web-exclusive releases at:


- Ricky Chiang


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