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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Comedy > Gay > Homosexual > Homophobia > Relationships > Cable TV > Looking: The Complete First Season (2014/HBO Blu-ray Set)

Looking: The Complete First Season (2014/HBO Blu-ray Set)

Picture: B Sound: B- Extras: C Episodes: B+

HBO presents the story of 3 gay men living in the heart of San Francisco, their story is bound by their friendship, lovers, and their dreams as they share their happiness and sorrow with each other. In a world without tolerance and fear of homosexuality, happiness for them does not come by as easily and they can only take comfort with each other. But on the bright side, while there is no laws against being 'gay', it also means are no limits or rules on what they can do. Looking: The Complete First Season (2014) tells their story.

And then there are the friends with different strokes: Patrick is a 29 year old video game programer who believes just having one partner but suddenly finds himself tempted by his new boss; Agustin is a 31 year old 'staving artist' and rejects the idea of monogamy but his relationship becomes strained when he gets enamored with a gay prostitute; and finally there is Dom the oldest of the 3, at the age of 40 he dreams of starting his own restaurant but then he falls in love with his sponsor who is old enough to be his father. While I say live and let live, this series paints very stereotypical world of homosexuality. All the men in the series look like men from GQ, and you can always tell if a man is gay if he is well dressed, has well trimmed hair/beard and talks saying 'Oh my God!' or 'I just love that!' (But then I guess its better for the ratings to have a series with good looking characters than out of shape ones).

The drama is about their various sex lives and who they want to sleep with, and while there is no frontal nudity (yet) you still get to see a lot of naked men in bed together in this series. Will that be enough to launch a long-running series? We'll see.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image is fine and consistent throughout, but the DTS-HD Master Audio (MA) 5.1 mix can be on the laid back side. Extras include commentary with cast and crew and digital HD download.

Episodes include:

Looking For Now - Agustin moves in with his new boyfriend Frank, while Dom is thinking about his ex boyfriend.

Looking For Uncut - Agustin and Dom questions Patrick if he would be happier if he had multiple partners.

Looking at Your Browser History - Patrick flirts (unknowingly) with his new boss. Agustin gets fired from his job.

Looking For $220/hour - Patrick starts bonding with his boss, lines of friendship begin to blur. Agustin finds a new interest, male prostitution.

Looking For the Future - Patrick calls in a sick day to have date with Richie.

Looking In the Future - Patrick brings Richie to Dom's 40th birthday party.

Looking For a Plus-one - Patrick and Richie relationship falls apart. Dom gets involved with Lynn.

Looking Glass - Patrick has to decide who he wants to be with, Richie or Kevin. Frank finds out Agustin is cheating on him. Dom commits with Lynn.

- Ricky Chiang


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