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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Slasher > Anthology > The ABCs of Death 2 (2014/MagNet Blu-ray)

The ABCs of Death 2 (2014/MagNet Blu-ray)

Picture: B+ Sound: B+ Extras: B Film: C

26 New Directors. 26 New Ways To Go.

In case you missed the first anthology film, the basis of the ABCs of Death is to unite 26 different horror directors from around the world and give them a letter of the alphabet to base a murderous short film off of.

However, that is 26 short films in a two-hour span and some are obviously better than others (and more creative) and utilize all different styles of filmmaking (even a few animated films are thrown in for good measure). If you're a gore hound then you won't be let down by the buckets of blood that are spilt for this production.

A is for Amateur (directed by E. L. Katz)

B is for Badger (directed by Julian Barratt)

C is for Capital Punishment (directed by Julian Gilbey)

D is for Deloused (directed by Robert Morgan)

E is for Equilibrium (directed by Alejandro Brugu├ęs)

F is for Falling (directed by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado)

G is for Grandad (directed by Jim Hosking)

H is for Head Games (directed by Bill Plympton)

I is for Invincible (directed by Erik Matti)

J is for Jesus (directed by Dennison Ramalho)

K is for Knell (directed by Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper)

L is for Legacy (directed by Lancelot Odawa Imasuen)

M is for Masticate (directed by Robert Boocheck)

N is for Nexus (directed by Larry Fessenden)

O is for Ochlocracy (mob rule) (directed by Hajime Ohata)

P is for P-P-P-P SCARY! (directed by Todd Rohal)

Q is for Questionnaire (directed by Rodney Ascher)

R is for Roulette (directed by Marven Kren)

S is for Split (directed by Juan Martinez Moreno)

T is for Torture Porn (directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska)

U is for Utopia (directed by Vincenzo Natali)

V is for Vacation (directed by Jerome Sable)

W is for Wish (directed by Steven Kostanski)

X is for Xylophone (directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo)

Y is for Youth (directed by Soichi Umezawa)

Z is for Zygote (directed by Chris Nash)

The high definition presentation of the film, with various formats used for each short, doesn't disappoint with a crisp 1080p high definition transfer and a 1.85:1 widescreen aspect ratio and a lossless DTS-HD Master Audio (MA) 5.1 track that is great throughout.

The special features are vast and include:

A Is for Amateur: Making Of Hosted by producer Don Lee, this short was shot on the air duct set.

C Is for Capital Punishment: Production Stills Gallery (1080p).

D Is for Deloused

Meet the Puppets: They're in a drawer.

Production Stills Photo Gallery

E Is for Equilibrium

Behind the Scenes: In Spanish, with optional English subtitles.

Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

F Is for Falling: Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

I Is for Invincible: Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

J Is for Jesus: Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

L Is for Legacy

Behind the Scenes: Making up the monster.

Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

N Is for Nexus

Making of: Day One of Twelve: Director Fessenden at work.

On the Set Photo Gallery

O Is for Ochlocracy: Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

Q Is for Questionnaire

Make-Up & FX: Brain

Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

Questionnaire Storyboards

R Is for Roulette: Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

S Is for Split

Behind the Scenes: Everything from stunts to makeup effects.

Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

T Is for Torture Porn

Making Of: Trust the Soska twins to make a behind-the-scenes that's eight or nine times the length of their segment. Jen holds the camera, while Sylvia gives a tour of the production offices. Much attention is lavished on the anatomical prosthetics.

Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

U Is for Utopia

Behind the Scenes: On location at Vaughan City Hall in Ontario.

Audition: James McDougall's audition tape for the 'average guy' part.

Utopia Storyboards

Production Stills Photo Gallery

V Is for Vacation: Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

W Is for Wish

Making Of

Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

Y Is for Youth

Making Of : The painstaking work behind this segment's practical effects. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

Youth Storyboards

Z Is for Zygote: The 55th Trimester: Testing the elaborate prosthetic body.

AXS TV: A Look at The ABCs of Death 2

All in all if you are a fan of anthology films like Creepshow or the VHS franchise then you may want to check out the ABCs of Death films. In my opinion, I felt that only half of these shorts were worth my time.

- James Harland Lockhart V



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