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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Martial Arts Cycle > Swords > Battles > Fantasy > Swashbuckler > Korea > The Pirates (2014/Well Go USA Blu-ray)

The Pirates (2014/Well Go USA Blu-ray)

Picture: A+ Sound: B Extras: C- Film: A-

On the eve of a new Korean dynasty, the Emperor's Royal Seal gets swallowed by a whale, and now a bounty has been placed on it to get back ...at any cost, whomever finds it will be rewarded riches beyond their wildest dream. Now, the navy, bandits and various pirates are all after it and the sea is about to get very crowded in Lee Suk-Hoon's The Pirates (2014).

Chief Crazy Tiger never wanted to kill anyone, he just wanted to get rich with his men. His only problem is after years of lying, cheating and stealing from everyone hasn't made many friends. At first, few knew about the seal being lost at sea and even fewer believed it was swallowed by a whale, but with a reward nobody can resist it soon becomes an all out battle royale for catching the whale with the treasure.

This was like a Korean version of Pirates of the Caribbean, the main character was like a blend of Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, he had Jack's way of thinking and the luck of Will Turner. Chasing after treasure and love, they end up in hilarious and impossible situations in which they end up saving the day from the evil and greedy navy and rival pirates, but the film had great costumes and excellent special effects worthy of any Hollywood blockbuster hits and we know how many feel the Disney franchise may have had one too many sequels.

The 1080p 2.35 X 1 digital High Definition image is among the best Well Go has issued to date with great color, depth and detail, while the lossless Korean DTS-HD (MA) Master Audio 5.1 mix might not always have the best success in mixing all of its elements, but it is still decent throughout. The only extras are trailers.

- Ricky Chiang


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