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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Anime > Action > Fantasy > Japan > Log Horizon: Season 1 - Collection 1 + 2 (2013 - 2014/Sentai Blu-ray Sets)

Log Horizon: Season 1 - Collection 1 + 2 (2013 - 2014/Sentai Blu-ray Sets)

Picture: A+ Sound: B+ Extras: C- Episodes: A-

The game Elder Tales has become a online virtual reality world full of adventure and danger for millions of fantasy role players, but in one second something goes wrong and now hundred of thousands of players are unable to log out and find themselves trapped in this virtual world. Shiroe is a veteran player and realizes, things are no longer a game and the 'rules' of the world have changed. Between the players, adventurers, events and monsters Shiroe now works to build a city where they can all live, Akihabara.

After thousands of players get trapped in a virtual online game world, Shiroe realizes it is no longer a game, but it is now their world and their reality, and if they are to find a way out they must all work together. But the main problem is ...that the people aren't united. After being trapped online, some players gave into despair, other began bullying and taking from the weaker characters. Soon, it becomes evident both game and players are no longer following the rules, and there is a new force in Akihabara, Log Horizon.

If you like the animes like .Hack and Sword Art Online then you will love Log Horizon. It seems to be a new genre of anime where characters get trapped online in a virtual world. What sort of character would your virtual you be? And what happens if THAT is your new life? If forces us to at least think (if not ask) if the fantasy/virtual/online you is just a real as the real you.

Booth sets offer the complete debut season's episodes in 1.78 X 1 digital high definition that is flawless, while the lossless DTS-HD Master Audio (MA) 2.0 Stereo is impressive, very warm, rich, well recorded and offers Pro Logic-like surrounds of you wish to try them out. Extras include clean opening and closing animation and trailers.

Episodes across both releases are...

The Apocalypse - After the Apocalypse, Shiroe teams up with Naotsugu and they are joined by the mysterious kunoichi, Akatsuki.

The Roka Encounter Battle - Shiroe, Naotsugu and Akatsuki face their first group of PK-ers, player killers.

Palm's Deep End - Shiroe agrees to help rescue Serara, a member of the Crescent Moon Alliance, but first has to journey through a dangerous dungeon.

Escape - Shiroe is reunited with an old friend, but in order for them to escape the city of vice they must battle the city's evil guild master.

Return to Akiba - Nanta reveals a revolutionary secret of their new online world, that they can learn new skills that weren't part of the original game.

Resolve - Shiroe realizes there is a great injustice in Akihabara, high level player taking advantage of the lower level players ...and begins his plans to change all that.

Crescent Moon - The Crescent Moon Guild begins Shiroe's plans in take control of Akihabara ...by opening a food stand.

Devious Four-Eyes - The Crescent Moon Guild begins the talks with the merchant guild about the secret of their cooking ...and recruit them to help to invest in Shiroe's ideas for Akihabara.

Round-Table Meeting - Shiroe summons the various leaders from Raid Groups to join and lead the Round-Table Conference in order to protect it's citizens and give new purpose to it's people.

Get It With Your Own Hands - With Shiroe's rules in place, the city of Akihabara becomes revitalized, a fair place for all who enter. Tohya and Minori joins Log Horizon.

The Invitation From Eastal - The Round Table Conference is summoned to Eastal, a Kingdom that is ruled by NPCs, Non Player Characters, or better know as the People of the Land.

Laglanda Forrest - As the negotiation continues for the Round Table, Naotsugu trains the newbie players how to fight as a team and level up their characters.

The Shield and Freedom - Lenessia the Princess of the People of the Land dreams more than a boring life at court.

Universal Turbulence - Shiroe learns about the 'turbulences' that have changed the world of Elder Tales, and that their 'Apocalypse' has been the third one.

Attack - Shiroe begins understanding the true relationship between them and the land and the People of the Land. Minori begins training and leveling up her own team.

Return of the Goblin King - Hordes of monsters begin attacking the land and the Nobles of the Land want to use the Adventurers as a sacrificial shield.

A Lazy, Cowardly Princess - Princess Lenessia decides she is no one's princess and decides to act and ask the Adventurers to help defend the realm.

Expeditionary Force - The Round Table Conference begins get ready for war against the Goblins.

Chasing After Them - Minori's team defend an important port, Rudy makes a sacrifice and the others learn about his secret ...he is a People of the Land.

Contact - Shiroe creates a new magic that has the potential to change the world.

Waltz For Two - The People of the Land and the Adventurers celebrate their first victory over the Goblin King.

The Swallow and the Baby Starling - Akatsuki and Minori compete over Shiroe's heart.

The Apprentice Magician - Minori decides she wants to follow in Shiroe's footsteps and they become Master and Apprentice.

Confusion - Shiroe realizes there is something or somebody trying to destroy the peace in Akihabara and ruin the reputation of the Round Table Conference.

The Libra Festival - Shiroe decides the future that Akihabara should go, and that finding a way back to the real world isn't something they should be worrying about.

- Ricky Chiang


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