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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Anime > Comedy > Romance > Japan > TV > Maid Sama: Complete Collection (2010 - 2011/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Maid Sama: Complete Collection (2010 - 2011/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Picture: A+ Sound: B Extras: C Episodes: B+

Misaki Ayuzawa is the Miss Prim and Proper student council president who's vowed to turn Seika High into a respectable, fun and enjoyable school for girls. Unfortunately, the boys are of somewhat of less of caliber, but Misaki's biggest secret and problem is when Usui, the school's bad boy dreamboat, finds out Misaki works as a part maid. Now, he has her at his mercy, Misaki becomes his personal maid and fears Usui will reveal her secret to the rest of the school and the student council president becoming the school laughing stock.

Ever since Misaki's father left her and her family with a mountain of debt, she has learned not to trust men. Having money problems Misaki works hard at a maid cafe to provide for both her and her family and to also help enrich high school life for girls. However, her biggest secret is being a maid at a Maid Cafe. She becomes mortified when the mysterious Usui the school's biggest heartthrob (except for Misaki) discovers her secret, but not only does he keep her secret, but also help protect her from those who would take advantage of her secret. Can Usui prove to her that men really aren't so bad, and perhaps maybe even win her heart?

Maid Sama: Complete Collection (2010 - 2011) is your typical high school love drama anime; two characters who are polar opposites, but then are inexplicably drawn towards one another. There is plenty of comedy mixed with high school drama/romance and maids (who doesn't like anime maids?). As the series progresses new eccentric characters appear and add to the various drama and situations.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image may be in the soft slightly whitened style of many an anime, but it is as accurate a rendering if this approach as I have ever seen, The DTS-HD Master Audio (MA) 2.0 Stereo lossless mix in English and even more so in Japanese play back warm & well. There are even Pro Logic-like surrounds top try out if you so choose. Extras include Omake Days Animated Short and clean opening and closing animations.

Episodes include:

Misa is Maid Sama! - Misa is the Student Council President and her biggest secret is found out by Usui.

Maid Sama at the School Festival - Misaki plans for the school festival but the boys have other 'plans'.

What Color is Misaki? Natural Color? - Misaki learns to be a 'little sister' maid.

Net Idol Aoi - Misaki meets Aoi, a online female idol... wait, he's a boy?

First Time Minding the Shop - Someone is stalking the Maids at the cafe.

Men & the Ayuzawa Cram School - Misaki finds out she has a group of fan boys.

Enter the Student Council President of Miyabigaoka - A rich boy's school picks a fight with Seika high.

Misaki Goes to Miyabigaoka - The president of Miyabigaoka wants Misaki to join Miyabigaoka ...as his maid.

Maid Sama Does Momotaro - Misaki and Usui find themselves in a fantasy parody.

Sakura's Indie-Label Love - Sakura has a crush on pop star, but he is really targeting Misaki.

The Secret of Tukumi Usui Approaches! - The girls tail Usui to find out where he lives.

Maid Sama and the Sports Day - It's sport day at school and Misaki is determined to win.

Idiots and Juveniles and Heros - The 3 stooges get into a trouble with rival gangs.

Soutarou Kanou of Class 1-7 - Kanou is a boy who has a phobia of females, he uses hypnosis to brainwash and trick Misaki.

Bespectacted Rabbit at the Open Campus - It's recruiting day at school, Misaki 'helps' Kanou get over his fear of girls.

Maid Latte of the Beach House - It's summer and Misaki and the maids work at a Maid Cafe at the beach.

Usui Becomes the Enemy - Misaki and Aoi team up together for beach volleyball against Usui.

Maid Sama is a Footman - Miyabigaoka wants to buy out the Maid Cafe and turn it into a Butler Cafe.

Footmen Through a Change of Pairs - Misaki teams up with Usui in a butler contest, but Usui get hurt.

The Vice President is a Prince?! Aoi and Her Fun Companions - Usui takes Yukimura's little sister out on a date.

Usui's Rival?! Hinata Shintami - A new rival appears, Hinata, a childhood friend of Misaki.

Tag at the Forrest School - The school goes camping in the mountains.

Maid Latte and a Whole Bunch of Sweets - Misaki competes in a sweet eating contest.

Lovey-Dovey Through Latte Magic - The maids do a cosplay witch cafe, but everyone is more interested in love fortunes with Misaki.

Hinata and Misaki and Usui - Usui and Hinata square off for Misaki.

Too-Cruel Ayuzawa and Usui the Idiot! - Will Misaki finally admit her feelings when Usui confesses?

Omake Dayo - Just a typical night at Misaki's house, but it seems everyone is knocking at her door.

- Ricky Chiang


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