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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Sentai > Martial Arts > Japan > TV > Power Rangers Super Megaforce - The Sliver Warrior (2015/Lionsgate DVD)

Power Rangers Super Megaforce - The Sliver Warrior (2015/Lionsgate DVD)

Picture: B Sound: C Extras: D Episodes: C+

As Earth is invaded by evil Prince Vekar's alien armada the Power Rangers Super Megaforce continues to protect the Earth with their new found powers and Legendary modes, but they are not alone, along with former Samurai Red Ranger and Jungle Fury Red Ranger they are guided by their mentors on how to use their powers... but then a new mysterious Ranger shows up, the Silver Ranger, who is he and where did he get his powers?

In this set of episodes dubbed The Silver Warrior, the Power Ranger Super (Legendary) Megaforce is now more powerful than ever, but with all that power, the former Red Rangers teach them that power isn't everything and not to rely on weapons or power, that the true source of their powers comes from their spirit. They are joined by a new Silver Ranger, Orion who is from another planet and has who been fighting the aliens for a long time.

Power Rangers remain a super sentai series of (usually) 5 kids and one mystery character given super powers and teaming up together to save the world in their giant combining robot. It seems like with each episode the Rangers either find new powers or become even more powerful (but then so does evil). I now finally understand why every season, there are new types/classes of rangers which requires a total new cast of characters; it is mainly because each season of Power Rangers get too old and they can only be casted with 'teen/ high school' aged characters (and we certainly can't have any 'adult' rangers).

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image is as good as it will get for DVD, but the lossy Dolby Digital sound is underwhelming and there are no extras.

Episodes are...

Samurai Surprise - The Samurai Red Ranger shows up and teaches Megaforce how to work together.

Spirit of the Tiger - Jungle Fury Red Ranger teaches the Megaforce not to rely on their weapons.

Silver Lining - Someone is defeating the aliens by the time the Megaforce Rangers are showing up.

Silver Lining, Part 2 - Who is this new Silver Ranger and where did he come from?

- Ricky Chiang


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